Motherboard Installation

I upgraded my computer and removed the TX pro board and the Intel 200MMX. My friend wanted them and so we went ahead and installed it. We could _not_ get it to work. I put the processor back in my machine and it was fine.

So. he went out and bought another board (assuming that my old one had got damaged taking it/putting it in). Exactly the same problem.
We've stripped out everything bar the 2 SIMMS, the Processor and the video card. The machine beeps and does nothing.
We've re-jumpered it and tried my new AMD K6 - nothing
checked all the insulation - nothing
Tried a couple of sets of RAM - nothing.
The power supply from my machine -nothing.

We KNOW that the processors are okay and assume the RAM is because it worked when it left the last machine.
I cannot believe that we have two bad motherboards !!!!

My friend is suicidal and threatening to throw the whole thing into the garden to rot.....please help !!!


We've tried by AMD K6 in there and it won't work.
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elc_musicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My dear friend.
I once had this wird prob and it has been solved like this.
Take the board OUT of the case comletley !!!.Not even on the back panel of the case.
Put it on a piece of wood or something.
Unplug ALL cables, and simms.
and very cerfully and very slowly chack ALL jumpers. dont hury !
now visualy check the simms SOCKETS for bent pins.
than re plug simms and check theyr secured !!! (click and watch the pins)
Plug your VGA card securly, plug your monitor.
now. Plug the Power supply,
switch power on. if  it works thank god.
if its not, reset bios and switch on again.
if it is not booting, try a very simple VGA card, an old EISA 16 bit card.
if still not booting, it looks like the board is dead. sorry.
but I hope didnt come as far as here.
Good Luck.

hey there !

Once I got a problem that sounds like yours.

The speaker beeped, and nothing could be seen on the screen.
It was because in the BIOS parameters, I set a memory address to be used
as shadow ram( i enabled it ), I think it was D000h or D800h , or someting like that.
And  that memory address was the same address the VIDEO-CARD ROM memory was
assigned to use.

So the BIOS just beeped. Then I looked in the Mother board's manual,
 and found what I sould do to RESET the BIOS PARAMETERS.
There's a jumper you have to plug, so when you start the computer up, the BIOS
parameters are RESETED.

And everything worked again.


If it doesn't work, try using another Video-card.


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Beep tells you CPU is alive. Is by chance the beep pattern one long and two short? If so, it's complaining about bad/no video.

Beep also implies that at least SOME RAM is ok and MB is 90% functional (address and data paths work, timers are OK, etc.) Stop looking for dead CPU/MB and start looking for bad video. Make sure card is seated, etc. monitor is on & hot, etc, etc, etc.


miorogAuthor Commented:

Reset the BIOS using the CLEAR CMOS jumper - no effect.

I swapped the Video card with my Mystique in all three slots - no effect.

The beeps are the same length and constant (and very annoying) - is there a key available that will allow me to decose their meaning ???

miorogAuthor Commented:
Just remembered. His case and power supply must be three years old. There isn't some different grounding rules applied betweeen old and new boards, are there ?? (like positive and negatively grounded cars).

Frustration level reduced this morning, probably because the rain has stopped !!

In the motherboard's manual, there should be an explanation of all the
different kinds of BEEPS, I mean, depending on how many they are, and how long,
explaining what's the problem that BIOS found.


miorogAuthor Commented:
I am afraid that none of the three manuals that I have (including the ones for both the boards) have a decoder for these beep sequences.....

that's very rare.

The manual should explain those beeps.
Did u try using another monitor ?
What's your motherboard's type ?

ps: have you tried to unplug all the hard disk, cd-rom, and floppy ?
try that, and see what happen.

The bios maker should have a web site where you can access the beep codes. If you can't find it I have several beep code dictionaries...What bios (and version)  AND describe the beeps> how many and what kind (long/short).
miorogAuthor Commented:
Tried unplugging everything - no effect.

Will try installing free of the case. reply later
miorogAuthor Commented:

It worked out of the case.

I then noted that there was one of those mounting sockets that the screws seat in. It was under the RAM and had no screw hole. I could not get it out, but used enough electical insulation tape to make it safe.

Board went back in and now works !!!!

Thanks to everyone, esp bryan7.

Hope to return the favour someday


You just dont know how HAPPY you just made me.
but I typed :switch power on. if  it works thank god
not bryan7, (ok joke joke) hey, What about me ?!
well, the fact that the board is RUNNING is good enouth for me.
Thanks for letting us know.

Hi !

I'm glad it works at last. I couldn't think of what could be the problem if after all that
 still didn't work.

Enjoy it !

bryan =)

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