Errors inside ActiveX

I am using the TWebBroser ActiveX component. On occasion web pages trigger a EOleError. Is there a way to intercept these using a try/except somewhere. This type of error is rare and I want to cause the application to restart if it occurs (this is an unattended kiosk).
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You should run the program in the Delphi IDE, so that Delphi can show you the location where the exception occurs. Then you can build a try..except around this location.

Regards, Madshi.
Hi ymailhot,

I extracted this from a previous question answered by bozo:

    Procedure AppException(Sender: TObject; E:Exception);

    The code for this procedure would look something like this

    Procedure TForm_Main.AppException(Sender: TObject; E: Exception);
    var sEDate,sETime : String;
        sScreen, sControl,sEClass: string;
        myfilehandle: integer;
        F: TextFile;
         sEDate := datetostr(Date);//Records Date
         sETime := timetostr(Time);//Time of Error
         sScreen :=;//Active Form
         sControl :=;//Active Control
         sEClass := E.Classname;//Error Class

         writeln(f,sEDate,' ',sETime,'',sScreen,'',sControl,         '',sEClass,' ',E.Message);

         messagedlg(E.Message,mtWarning,[mbok],0);//Shows user error
                MYFileHandle := FileCreate('c:\fooderor.txt');


    Then in your Oncreate of the main form add this line of code

     pplication.OnException := AppException;//

    Tells to use AppException Procedure

    Let me know if this doesn't work. It has worked for me in 4 different apps now. Some i use a table this one i use a text file
    to hold all the errors.

    bozo "

Is there anybody out there ???
ymailhotAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the delay. Thank you for the code. This will be useful.
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