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Hi all,

  I am looking for some sound processing software which has the standard features (drawing capability of sounds, copy, cut, paste capability, inverting), and which also
suuports plug-ins. I want to have this kind of software and add some filtering capabilities to the standard features, by writing plug-ins. So I am looking for this kind of software which also has a well documentation about how to write and add plug-ins.


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TheSwineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Today, almost every new sound processing software support plugins (i.e. CakeWalk, DOP, Sound Forge, etc.)
The plugins are standard ActiveX plugins and they will work on any software that support ActiveX plugins.
To make your own Plugin you should refer to the ActiveMovie Sdk
that can be found In the MSDN ( it includes some examples how to make plugins in Visual basic and C++ )
msac_mAuthor Commented:
Hi  TheSwine,

 Thank for your answer, are these software you mentioned, freeware..?

Please give me your email. I'll send you small freeware that do the things you need.
msac_mAuthor Commented:

  this is my email ,thanks

msac_mAuthor Commented:
Thanks TheSwine.

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