mac boot disk on a pc

how do you make a mac boot disk on a pc?(if you can)
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the There are important resource forks in system files that a PC cant even see much less store. You MIGHT be able to do it with a mac emulator on a PC. But a pc on its own cannot make a mac boot disk.
macIIcxAuthor Commented:
please help my macIIcx
i miss it
can't you find somebody w/ a mac you can borrow?? much eaiser. (i'm not sure it's currently possible on a PC).  Maybe check you local library or school.  Any elementary school and certainly any college should have at least one they are willing to let you use to make a boot disk.  In any case, you will need the system software or a utility like Norton...  what happend to the boot disk that came w/ the computer?  corrupt?
Sorry, a PC isn't able to create a MAC disc.
macIIcxAuthor Commented:
a pc can make a mac disk w/the software,but can it produce a mac
boot disk
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