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Restoring my COM port 2 !!!!

I am in need of an extra COM port (25 pins) but my CMOS says that COM port 2 is disabled. When I enable the COM2... Win95 and DOS crashes... Why is this so ?

By the way, I have an internal modem with Win95 detects to be using COM 2 and I think it is the main problem, and I don't know how to free the unused COM2..

I intend to buy I/O cards but they only have ISA slots type, and I am out of these ISA slots. The PCI types are very difficult to find and are very expensive.

So is there a way to enable the COM port 2 without causing clashes with the system and doing any external hardware alterations.

Please advice.
1 Solution
The mother board has two com ports, COM1: & COM2: , your internal modem is also Com2: (probably not Plug n Play!!!) As a result the computer has com2: disabled on the motherboard!

Solution ..either re-configure the modem to com3: or fit a serial IO card and configure it as such....

BTW Is your computer PnP

Try this:
1) Remove the modem from the computer.
2) Enter CMOS setup & enable second serial port as COM2.
3) Configure the modem for an alternate COM port and re-install it.
Let me know if you need more.
lclAuthor Commented:
MAVERICK Thanks for your feedback.

My computer is Plug n Play Enabled but how do you reconfigure your modem to COM port 3 ? I also tried to remove the modem but the computer still crashes when I boot it, COM port 2 still doesn't work. It is also not easy to find an I/O card as I have no more ISA slots left. And as mention earlier, I couldn't find any PCI ones.

Can my COM port be disfunctional due to some jumper settings or is it totally due to the conflict with my modem.

Anyway Thanks to all who respond to my question.
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Not sure why the COM 2 would crash you computer, but to set your modem to COM 3 you would have to find out the jumper settings for it and manually set it, once it is manually jumpered it will also disable the PNP.

  > "I also tried to remove the modem but the computer still crashes when I boot it, COM port 2 still doesn't work."

Describe how the computer crashes without the modem installed.

  > "Can my COM port be disfunctional due to some jumper settings or is it totally due to the conflict with my modem."

I doubt if the un-installed modem can cause the problem.

How is the serial port setup in CMOS? (Address,IRQ)

IS your modem PnP compadible?????

Ok try this ......

Remove the modem from the computer....
Delete COM2: port from Win95 systems configuration...
and disable Com2: in the BIOS but reserve the IRQ for the modem (IRQ3)
Reboot computer
then Reinstall modem and try it...

As for using the Com2: on the motherboard.... you may be out of luck
use a 16-bit ISA Card but remember to reserve the IRQ ( for com3: use a different free IRQ not 3/4)
let me know how u go
The reason why it is disabled is that it is damaged or something else is usingl that address. Change the address of com2 in the bios to something else, say com4.
Please list your computer's type and installed hardware. (CPU, RAM, video, drives, etc.)
What do you plan to install on the COM port?
Try removing com2 in the in the sytem properties, "say no to the reboot option", then go to the control pannel & dble click the add new add new hardware option let it run it's course it wil com up saying no new hardware detected then select com port & continue..say yes to reboot the computer, if this doesn't work remove both com ports & start from the beginning again & this time add a third com port & when u reinstall your modem it will ask u which com port u wish to assign it to then say com port3.

We need some feedback from you if you still need help with this problem.
If not, please let us know.
for my knowledge..a internal modem are use com 3 or com 4. but sometime they are share the same irq or interupt. look back to you manual book for modem.
Doe your modem have jumper settings (you know those little black plastic do-thingees that are placed over the copper terminals)?  If is does then your modem'ssettings may be overidden manually by resetting the jumpers.  If not then you have to reconfigure by software.  

First look in the control panel.  Is your modem identified as being on Com 2?  If it is you can force the removal by deleting (removing) the device (modem).  Then shut down.  Remove the modem, and reset the motherboard's con settings to provide both Com 1 and Com 2.  Then shut down again.  Replace the modem and Windows 9x should detect a new device and try to install drivers for it.  If your modem is PNP it should do this automatically without conflict.  If it is not PNP you may have to edit the configuration.  

Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Your Post startup is remembering too well. That's why it does'nt matter if you remove the modem or not! You may need to log your bios setup, then destroy it, then set it back to almost what it was before.The main change will be to enable com2 and make sure if you bios supports it, that the values are 02FF-02F8/IRQ3. Kill the "cmos" with the modem out of the machine. If it's a non-pnp set the comport/IRQ to whatever is free (maybe com4 IRQ4). Boot windows twice without the modem installed after resetting the cmos.  
Replace the modem for the third boot. If it's a pnp, windows will assign new values for your modem Hopefully. (You Know Plug 'n Pray!)
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