I cannot figure out why my printer is not printing in color. Does anybody know how to check the print head to see if ink is flowing to and from. Epson tech help is useless. Black works fine. Have done cleaning cycle and put in new cartridge.
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Go into the printers folder (Start/settings/printers), right-click the Epson and choose properties.  Go through all the options pages and ensure it isn't set for greyscale or black&white.  Color setting should be auto.
Check your printer setup to be sure you are calling for color printing.
MCAGAuthor Commented:
This is the first thing I checked. I would expect more from an expert than just this.
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Does the "print test page" leave the windows "flag" unfilled or greyed in?  If it is unfilled, your color jets maybe plugged. This would be a job for a "good" shop to fix.  If it IS greyed in, then reinstall the latest printer driver.  Good Luck...

PS.. Just my 2 cents.... No Invoice to follow!  :)
Do you have more than 1 printer? I had a weird problem with an HP that wouldn't print in color unless it was selected as the default printer.

Good luck
It is quite confusing to troubleshoot a question that has been posted more than once in the same area, Please contact customer service and have them delete your other question:
"epson color II color printing"
I am going to post an answer to that question in order to lock it until Customer service can delete it.

Ryans,  This is a comment that MCAG has posted in the second (duplicate) question.
>>this is for ryan. The test page comes out with the flag colored in black. Does this mean the
>>jets are ok ?

Well if the flag is colored in black and verified that it looks like (filled in) when printed on a standard black and white printer AND you are sure that the latest proper driver is being used then you can assume that the color jets are not plugged.  Because if the jet were plugged, the flag would NOT be filled in at all.  Either something is wrong with the printer itself, or there IS a problem with the drivers.  Are you using Win98?
Why don't you score the latest answer to your question.  Bet you had it set for greyscale, not color.
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