How to send mail throught SMTP via lotus notes.

I need to send mail from unix machine through SMTP but there are some problem with firewall.
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wrichardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am assuming that you have Notes SMTP MTA services up and running and that it is sending mail to and from the internet.  Also you have a Unix box that has the ability to send mail via SMTP but no way for the mail to get outside the firewall.  

If that is the case then you can direct your Unix SMTP box to send the mail to the Notes Server.  The Notes server will look at the domain name and if it doesn't find a match in it's Global domain document then it wil send the mail to the internet.  On the same hand by adding entries in the Global domain document and an extra connection document, you could assign an unique domain name to the unix box and have Notes forward mail to it.
What firewall are you using?  Is the mail leaving Notes through the SMTPMTA.  What does the firewall log say about SMTP traffic?  
anikAuthor Commented:
I don't know much in detail since I'm not the notes administrator. Anyway let's me explain more detail. In my company, the only way to send mail to the outside is using lotus notes.  I have a unix application that will send mail through SMTP but the problem is I have no SMTP server here to connect to the outside world. I heard that notes is using SMTP to send mail too right? Is it possiblr that I can use it? Or is there any method to let notes auto forward my mail to the outside?
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I also use a Lotus Notes , and these may be your others way.
If your company have a Notes Server , a simple way to send mail through Internet should
be reinstallation with Notes 4.6 or latest versions both on server and client.Next tell your admin to type a console command to start SMTP server. and finally in you local address book you have to maintain some parameters in a mail section such as incoming SMTP
, outgoing SMTP and your internet username.
But if you have an SMTP UNIX server , I had heard that there are some methods for this task. By creating ".forward" file  in your root directory on UNIX.
this file is contain  "you mail box on UNIX"  "you mail box on Notes" for example
unix@domain   notes@notesserver.domain
anikAuthor Commented:
Thanks wrichard. So I have to set my Unix SMTP server to point to notes server right? How can I get the address of notes server then? Is it the same server that I see in my Lotus notes destop program? Or it have to be another one that I have to search?
If you have either a host table on the unix box or internal DNS server you can point your unix smtp server to the notes server using the name of the notes server.  However, the ipaddress is an acceptable address for smtp, so you can  use the ipaddress of the notes server.  The ipaddress can be found either in the advanced section of the connection document to the notes server or by asking the administrator.
anikAuthor Commented:
I will try... Thanks
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