assumed ram problems

hi, sometimes when i boot up my computer nothing comes on screen, i assumed its a ram problem because i dont hear the ram count, and also, just today when i booted up, it only show my cpu and nothing else, and just hung there.
i have 2 32mb sdram but they are differnet brands (1 is mitsubishi and the other im unsure of), this problem was occuring maybe once a week, but today its happened a few times.
is it my ram?? could it be the the brands dont mix?? or is it something else?
here are my specs
k6 233
aopen ap5t motherboard
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ddmorganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The chances are that this is a RAM problem. RAM prices are low I would go and buy two new 32 meg sticks the k6 is a stickler for good memory.
do you have the problem when first turning the machine on or when booting after running a while and does it lock up randomly?
if last 2 are true check if your cpu cooler is running
otherwise it could be overclocking cpu or ram timings

Perrhaps your problem could be a parity check error..maybe if you could disable that in the CMOS, then it could bypass this problem for a little longer.

Chances are that the "unknown" brand of RAM is screwing around with the Mitsubishi DIMM and that will cause lots of probs..I once had that on one of my 486's...Luckily, i sold the computer to a computer store before it truly died!
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Whoops, Just one more thing,

What uilleann said could also be probable, that the Ram timings are going crazy or your actual clock isnt working properly.

How long have you had the computer for, and was it working fine before this started to happen?

virusmanAuthor Commented:
my computer is my own creation :) and its 4months old it happens before it boots up, i think when the ram is testing is when it happens
Is all of your memory the same speed (66/100)
virusmanAuthor Commented:
yes its the same speed, and this problem usauly never happens
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