Starting a cd rom

I've got a new cd rom installed,
I've just formatted drive C, and installed cd rom disc.

I need help getting cd rom started so I can install win95 cd

(Award) bios doesn't show a cd rom.

it's on the same cable with HDD, cdrom at top, jumper set as slave.
(this is how directions say to wire it)
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tyloxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you *said* to post an "answer";-) As to your question
which is better, HD or floppy, I`d have to say whichever one
you manage to get working<g> I think it would be easier for
you to simply add those files I mentioned in my original post
to your system disk and boot from there, as you don`t have to
worry about "paths" as anything thing on the floppy would be
A:\ (you can even leave-out the reference to A: in your config
and autoexec files because when booting from floppy, no other
drive letter exists as far as your computer is concerned, anyway.
  When you create the little config.sys and autoexec.bat files,
make sure you don`t accidently copy the line as it may appear
in the config.sys and autoexec.bat files on your HD...the line
calling your cd-rom driver will almost certainly show a path with
perhaps, a subdirectory or two, for example, the line below is
how my cd-rom driver appears in the config.sys file on my HD,
but if I simply changed it from C:\ to A:\ on my floppy, it
wouldn`t work because the computer would not be able to find the file.


To make the cd-rom driver available to the computer to boot from
a floppy, I would, (in addition to obviously putting the driver
ON the floppy), I would need to put the following in the config.
sys file I created for the floppy:

DEVICE=A:\CD1200.SYS /D:CD003 <---note "DEVICE", not "DEVICEHIGH"

The CD1200.SYS is the cd-rom driver *ITSELF*, the /D:CD003 is
merely a "switch" to indicate some parameter(I forget what)that
pertinant to my particular CD-rom, and not important for our
purposes here, the IMPORTANT thing to note, is that, in addition
to removing the reference to C:\, I ALSO removed the "CDROM12X),
which is merely the parent directory on my HARDRIVE, wherin the
actual CD-rom driver won`t HAVE a parent directory
on your floppy!! Thus, put the actual driver on the floppy, and
then "call" it load in your config.sys file as the second exam-
ple above shows.(Don`t use "DEVICEHIGH", use "DEVICE")

Here is my  MSCDEX line AS IT APPEARS on the autoexec.bat file

 By Windows Setup - C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\MSCDEX /V /D:CD003 /M:10

This is how my autoexec.bat file looks on my bootdisk:

A:\MSCDEX.EXE /V /D:CD003 /M:10

Note the lack of any parent directories? By having the files
themselves on the floppy, one need only to "call" the files to
load/exe *directly* from the floppy, no paths or parent direct-
ories are involved here!! You don`t really even need to specify
A:\, as your floppy drive is the ONLY place your computer will
look for the file, anyway(when booting from a floppy).
wanda101797Author Commented:
Edited text of question
Tom KnowltonWeb developerCommented:
You don't get ANY errors on boot up?  Are you sure the CD-ROM drive is wired properly?  For example, one edge of the IDE data cable has red markings on it.  When the IDE data cable is attached to the CD-ROM drive the red markings should be closest to the four-wire POWER cable.  Same holds true for the Hard Drive.

Sometimes the BIOS either does not detect or incorrectly detets new hardware.  If you are able to get into your BIOS (I think the key is F2 or DEL on bootup) then see if you have the ability to manually set the D drive to your CD-ROM drive (assuming the CD-ROM drive will be D).

Let me know what you come up with.

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  If you formatted the HD and now want to re-install Windows
as well as get your CD-rom working, you are going to need a
boot disk with not only the system files on it, but in addi-
tion, you will need to add the following to this boot disk:

1)Your CD-rom driver
2)A config.sys file "calling" the driver to load
  Use notepad, and create a simple text file, name
it config.sys, and put the line: DEVICE=A:\yourcdromdriver
3)MSCDEX(check and see if MSCDEX is ALREADY on your boot disk,
if not, you`ll need to add this file)
4)An autoexec.bat file "calling" the MSCDEX to load.
  Again, use notepad and create a textfile, call it
autoexec.bat, and put the line: A:\MSCDEX

Let me know if you need more help...
I glad to hear that you sorted out the HD problem.

sorry i couldn't help straight away with the CD ROM problem, but i was working from the office...

I have a file some where giving easy instructions to create a boot disk with generic CD ROM driver.  the only prob is that it is in the office, i'll be back in the office tommorow 11:00 gmt.
even if you sort the prob, it might me handy to have for the future.
wanda101797Author Commented:
no errors, and I have the red side to the power, the cd door opens & closes, light works.
i am able to get into bios, but don't see anything about cdrom or D drive, I believe this board was made in 95.

I have a system disk for win3.1, & a start up for win 95, & 98.
I copied MSCDEX from my other computer to it's C: then ran the install from disc that came with cdrom, it created a dir for itself, and also added itself to CONFIG.SYS & AUTOEXEC.BAT IN C:,  are these suposed to be on a disc?

That would be great, thanks!

wanda101797Author Commented:
In C: I have 1 DIR, CDROMDRV
  You have basically 2 choices:
1)Make your HD *bootable* by transferring the system files from
a floppy to your HD(if all you have on your HD is the 1 directory
and the files you listed above, then your HD is not bootable...
you will need to add the "system" files(, and so forth)Since you seem to already have the OTHER requirements in
place for your CD-rom drive to work, you should be able to inst-
all Windows from that point on.

-=*OR*=- you can:

2)Take a bootable floppy with the system files already on it,
and ADD the 4 items as per my original reply above, and use that
to boot the computer and bring the CD-rom drive to life, from
which you can then proceed to install Windows.
Your CD-rom driver HAS to load *DURING* *BOOT-UP*, NOT after!!
    Since it seems to have power, door-opens, ect, it would seem
to me that only the lack of a properly-loaded driver and MSCDEX
is preventing it from working. Simply "having" those files is
not enough, they need to be loaded into memory by being not only
physically present, but also being "called"(as per my original
post)by their corresponding config.sys and autoexec.bat files
correctly pointing to their physical locations(full path) and
all this needs to come from a SINGLE SOURCE at boot-up, *either*
your HD *OR* a floppy, but NOT BOTH!!
Copy Mscdex to your windows95 boot disk
then copy mtmcdai.sys to the windows 95 boot disk this is mearly
a generic cd driver, and works very well.  If you cant find it on the web then mail me and i will send it to you.


1)      Copy the following to the Autoexec.bat file.


2)      Copy the following to the Config.sys file.


this will give you a boot disk with cd rom support.

If this is a old motherboard which some one else has used then i would advise clearing the bios their should be jumper on the board which you need to short. then let the system redetect the hardware on boot up.
wanda101797Author Commented:
Thanks, I'm starting to get the idea now, is it better to have everything on a disc or in the HD, or does it matter?...Post it as an answer.

Thanks for all that! I sent you an e-mail.
I'm going to make another Q for you.
wanda I have a program that makes this easier if you want it.:~)  :~)
wanda101797Author Commented:
yes, please! what is it?  I e-mailed you.
I sent it :~)
wanda101797Author Commented:

tried to make HD bootable,
I copied everything on C, and still get "Invalid System Disc"

here's what's on C:\
CDROMDRV <DIR> made by installing disk that came with cdrom
CONFIG.SYS   made by installing disk that came with cdrom
AUTOEXEC.BAT   made by installing disk that came with cdrom

am I missing some system files?

there are 3 files it does not see that are on floppy disk,
EBD.SYS, IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS  I can see them on the disk from my other computer,
tried to COPY ,  "file not found"

type this with floppy in from  c:
sys a:
from dos propmt
(the above was for the system disk just in case)
did you use    format /s    
when you formated the HD?
wanda101797Author Commented:
From C:\>sys a:
"No system on default drive"

No, did not use /s, just format c:

the config.sys that's on C: ;
autoexec.bat on C: ;

Do I need to change these?
wanda101797Author Commented:
I gave up trying to make HD bootable,
and did as you said, Success!
Thank you for the Refs of your boot disc, that helped alot!
wanda101797Author Commented:
Every time I accept the "Term & Conditions" it makes a short nasty noise and locks up.
why does it do that????
Did I format it wrong?

soon as I get over 1 hill, there's another one.
Uh-Oh!! What NOW?!? You got the machine to boot-up, got your
CD-rom drive working, put the windows95 CD in, started installing
it(am I right so far?), and then..........??
WHAT`s making the noise? The HD? The CD-player? The floppy?
"terms and conditions" of what, exactly? Win95? You really
gotta give us more info, Wanda.
wanda101797Author Commented:
I'm sorry,
yes, you're Right so far.
Inastalling win95 CD, getting to the point of "Terms & Conditions" when I click "accept"
is when I think it's the HD makes a Noise, and it locks up.

If this helps,
it's the same buzz like noise I heard right after I created the partition,
it said; "disk boot sector is to be modified, type Y to accept"  it didn't stop buzzing till I typed Y .
I`d like to help you but hardware is not my forte`. I`ve done
a few formats and re-installs, but I`ve never had the need to
create a new partition. Sorry, I can`t guide you along on some-
thing I`ve never done myself:-(
wanda I can help you with this what type of HD do you have ?
did you use fdisk to partition the drive or another utility like
partition magic?

wanda101797Author Commented:
It is a Maxtor HD.
I used fdisk.
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