Excel Design mode set/get via VB

In Excel Visulal Basic Toolbar there is a Design button
(last one on the bar) to change the mode so that
any controls on the sheet becomes inactive/active.
I am looking for a way to do this switch from VBA or from
a VB (or VC++) client. This action can not be recorded
by macro recorder. And I am more interested to control this
from an outside client. thanks
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fguerreiro_inixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can access the button like this.

For Each bar In Application.CommandBars
  If bar.Name = "Visual Basic" Then
    For ipos = 1 To CommandBars("Visual Basic").Controls.Count
      If CommandBars("Visual Basic").Controls(ipos).Caption = _
         "&Exit Design Mode" Then
            MsgBox "I have found the button"
      End If
    Next ipos
  End If

You can also toogle the button and do all other things with it.

There are many possibilities ...
CommandBars("Visual Basic").Controls(ipos).Execute

Hope this helps

or something around this...

Hope this helps
hasAuthor Commented:
actually I tried that earlier.
Application.VBE.VBProjects(1).Mode is only for read, and
if used in VBA then it changes the mode automatically to run.
but even this, I can not do from an outside client. i.e
i.vt = VT_I4;
i.lVal = 1;
VBIDE::VBEPtr pVBE = pApp->GetVBE();
VBIDE::_VBProjectsPtr pVBProjects = pVBE->GetVBProjects();// crashes right here, cant use pVBE for anything
VBIDE::_VBProjectPtr pVBProject = pVBProjects->Item(i);
if(VBIDE::vbext_vm_Run == pVBProject->GetMode())
else if(VBIDE::vbext_vm_Break == pVBProject->GetMode())
else if(VBIDE::vbext_vm_Design == pVBProject->GetMode())

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hasAuthor Commented:
now I can run

Application.VBE.VBProjects(1).Mode  from my VC++ client
but this gives VBIDE::vbext_vm_Design mode (2) all times
even the mode is run (0). so vba gives 0 all times, outside
client gives 2 all times ??

Yes I may try to access the toolbar eventually, but there must be
a way of changing the mode from a client directly ????
You could change the state of the button of the toolbar.

hasAuthor Commented:
I go with the button state for now, thanks
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