Insert bootable media in the appropriate drive?

When reinstalling Win95a, the installation stopped in the
middle, and when I tried to reboot, I got the message:
"Insert bootable media in the appropriate drive",
and now my computer doesn´t find any harddisks,
even if the settings are right in the BIOS.
When I use a startdisk I come to A:\, but not to C:\.
Tried even Fdisk from A:, just to see if it found any HD´s,
but not.
Thanks in advance!!!
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pjmazeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the same thing happend to me some months ago:
1º check that in your bios the drive is properly configured
2º try booting from a disk and use fdisk /mbr
3º if it doesn´t work try sys c:
4º if it doesn´t work use Norton Disk Doctor from Symanthec,
  once i used Norton Unfomat and it worked nice

See ya
Open the computer and check cabling. Try to reseat them. If this does not work, Your harddisk can be broken.
peterxAuthor Commented:
Hi sKiiKe!
I´ve tried changing cables, but it didn´t help,
my harddisk is pretty new, and i´m running Scandisk
every day, but haven´t got any error messages.
The data on the disk is very important to me,
so that the HD would be damaged is a katastrof!
Are you sure it hasn´t got something to do with
the installation only?
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If nothing works you can connect your HDD to another computer and fdisk and format it there.  Then put it back.  It might work.
First of all check BIOS setup integrity: is HD described OK or
BIOS can detect its right size and access mode during startup if
on Auto ? If Virus Warning (or smth. like that) disabled ? This
merely prevents from writing to MBR, and I think this is your
problem. Do you have a virus ? Check also PIO modes in BIOS Setup
Integrated Peripherals (AWARD BIOS), if them on Auto.
peterxAuthor Commented:
Good comments, but nothing hasn´t worked yet.
I disconnected the old HD, and replaceed it with
an similiar, but I still get the message:
"Insert bootable media in the appropriate drive"
What the f..  has happened?
I have never seen this error message before, have you?
Check your BIOS settings and make sure that C: is enabled as a boot drive.


I think this called Boot sequence in BIOS setup -> Advanced config.
You could try booting from a floppie with fdisk, and use

This should restore the Master Boot Record from your HD, without harming the data.
If the BIOS values are truely genuine and from A:-drive You can't find harddrive with FDISK I'm afraid the drive is broken. However if FDISK recognizes drive, then it might be something to do with the installation. BTW don't create and drives with FDISK because the former data is lost then get only partition infiormation.

peterxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your answers !
The probelm got solved by resetting the BIOS jumpers,
old Dell ****...
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