Image prints too small

I opened a scanned image in PSP and printed it out, but
no matter how I resize the image, it gets printed very small,
about 2 x 3 inches.

The document scanned is an 8.5 x 11 inch birth certificate.
I used an HP scanjet and saved it as a bitmap.

Any ideas how I can get PSP to print out an 8.5 x 11 inch

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8r14ncConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are certain that the file is saved witha resolution larger than what you are printing, then check the printer's settings while your in PSP.  Look in the File pulldown menu and choose Printer Setup.  Go through the screens and make sure you don't have soem crazy setting making it so small.  These screens are different depending upon your printer (printer driver) so I can't help you through that part, but I have control adjusting the printable area and image location on the page with my printer through the screens I told you about above.

To get the best print, the image should be at a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per square inch) and then measured  by how many inches you want it to be.  Many times an image size will be described as how many pixels wide by pixels tall.  Set your dimensions to be 300 * how many inches you want in each direction.  example: 3"x5" image would be 900 pixels x 1500 pixels at 300 dpi.  At 72dpi it would then be 12.5" x 20.83333"
Don't know exactly how to do it in PSP, but generally you should look att the DPI of the picture. The DPI is a way for the computer to know how big your picture will be when translated to 'our' measurementsystem (metrics, imperial, etc) from the system that the computer uses (pixels). So if your picture is in 100 DPI then onehundred of your pixels will be outputed as one inch (DPI=Dots Per Inch). Then you must think of what your printer will handle, ie 300DPI, 600DPI, or 1200DPI etc, but the most program seems to take care of that bit for you.

Do a little experiment: If you want your picture output to be 10x10 inch and your printer prints att 300 DPI then you can take 10 inch * 300 pixels = 3000 pixels! So make your picture 3000 x 3000 if you want the output to be 'non-modified' (i.e shrunk or resized). Testprint it and watch if the size is correct for you!
Usually you can resize your picture to fit a certain DPI (at least in Photoshop) but that will make the quality degrade if your original picture was to smal from the beginning.
Always think of this BEFORE scanning or starting to make a picture: What am I going to use it for? What quality/size/dpi? Is it for print or on-screen (72 DPI)?

jotjotAuthor Commented:
This doesn't work.  No matter large a resize, the printer just prints a little picture in
the middle of the page.

I'm using Paint Shop Pro 3.11

Any other ideas, anyone?

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Do not RESIZE. Scan it full size at the start with at high resolution. Does not your program allow you to select an option to print the picture to fill the page?
Save the file as jpeg.
In the file size dialog check both the dimensions and the dpi.

Set your height and width to 8.5 and 11 and let the dpi be set according to the scanned resolution.

If this doesn't work try using a smaller print area, based on the printable area of the printer you are using. (most are about 1/2" from all edges of the page)

If all else fails, try using the industry standard for photo manipulation.... Photoshop!

eg. try 8"x10.5" as your document size. As for the dpi most printers are 300 dpi and this is sufficient for a good quality print.
jotjotAuthor Commented:
It still doesn't work.  

You may be right about Photoshop, but I have to reject this answer because
I am still solution-less.

-- J
jotjotAuthor Commented:
Well, I checked those settings, and no matter what I do with them,
the picture is a tiny little thing in the middle of the page.
I bought a new printer and it printed fine on the new printer.  So,
you were right -- it was the printer.  Maybe it was just too old. :-)

-- J
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