Class Wizrad Woes

I've created a Dialog Based win32 app using the App Wiz.
App Wiz generated the following three classes for me
(1) CTestApp (2) CTestDlg (3) CAboutDlg
Then i went to the dialog resource generated and started adding controls. lets say i created the following
(a) a Push Button : ID = jPushButton_SomeButton
(b) an Edit Box : ID = jEditBox_SomeBox
Then i went to the class wizard to attach some events to these controls, but i do not see these controls listed for the class CTestDlg.
Though i see them listed for the class CTestApp, when i select any of the controls the messages list for that control is blank.
I am sure i've not made any settings changes.
What's Wrong & Why and What do i need to do.

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prasanthConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try deleting <projectname>.clw
That is the ClassWizard info file that may have been corrupted. After you delete it, the next time you start ClassWizad it will be regenerated.
I don't know which version of VC you're using, but I hear theres a bug that if your computers regonal language settings are not set to American English - the class wiazard doesn't always work.

Try opening your control panel & change reigonal settings to English (American)

Hope it works....

Ooops, forgot to mention that the bug only exists in VC 4 as far as I know, so if you're using a different version please disregard my last comment.

IUnknownAuthor Commented:
Thanks Prashant, That really solved my problem.
Wonder why it happens anyway.
hey listen, Do I know you ?????
get back with your details (where you're from & where you work etc) to
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