What I would like to be able to is, dial into a win95/98 machine, and using a valid IP access the internet through, enabling my machine to get a file from an FTP. Is there a good RAS Server for 95/98 and can it assign IP address or accept a specified one.
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saar2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not familiar with the Plus dialer into Win95 but I assume that you will be able to do this with this dialer and with Wingate (which is currently free).

Go to www.wingate.com and ask the help desk.

This software will be free for you.

Good question - - I am assuming the you would dial out on the 95/98 first then access from alternate location?
If you have a small LAN, you could use iShare (downloadable somewhere). It serves as a sort of proxyserver. But I dont know if you can use it with dail-up
bumperzAuthor Commented:
The machine that I will dial into will have a direct connection to the internet.
bumperzAuthor Commented:
iShare server does not allow you to dial into it. You can only access it over your network.
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