Modification of "NT only login" checkbox

How can I modify the state of the "NT only login" checkbox on the Windows NT tab with the IntraNetWare 4.11a client.  I need to automate the change through a registry update or from a command line.
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jpbuzzConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I would like to address your question on the Windows NT login only check box.

If you run regedt32.exe and then go down into the registry in HKey_Local_Machine / Software / Novell / NWGINA / Login Screen  you should see a key for DefaultNWLoginFlags. The value is a hex number and depending on what that number is will determine whether the NT Login Only check box is checked/not checked. Some values you could try for this key to have the box checked/not checked are 105/109 or  505/501. Depending on what value you enter will affect other selections on the Intranetware Login Screen. Fot just the NT login box only, 505 would have the box checked and 501 would not have it checked.

This is a general explanation so you can use it in other situations:

Change the NT Only Login checkbox .
Run  regedit.
Find the branch you want to update (the one which contains the NT Only Login checkbox).
Choose Export Registry File from the Registry menu.
Choose Selected Branch and type the branch you want (for example )
Save the file

To update this branch type in the command line:
Regedit <filename>

This will update the registry branch automaticly.
You may use the command in the autoexec/login script etc.

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I forgot the example :


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jmellonAuthor Commented:
That is great advice, but I already know how to do that.  What I am looking for is more specific, the registry key name, and an explanation of the values associated with it.  Thank you.
What is the "NT only login" checkbox?
Where can I find it?

I looked for it but could not find.

jmellonAuthor Commented:
It is on the Novell IntraNetWare NT client 4.11a Windows NT tab during login.  It is below the box where you select your domain.
jmellonAuthor Commented:
I have already got the answer from a friend, so now I am just curious if anyone else can get it.
jmellonAuthor Commented:
This is exactly what I was looking for.  You are a REAL expert!!!!!
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