Date in MS SQL statement

I try to execute MS SQL statement.

insert MyTable (MyDate, MyValue) values (10/30/1998, 2.5)

"Operand type clash: int is incompatible with datetime"

Please help me! How can I insert date field in SQL statemanet?
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davidmwilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 I think you seem to have solved it yourself ... your problem is because either you haven't defined the field as a date/time in the underlying database, or because you are trying to store a date in the field in a format other than what you've specified in SQL Server.
  Check both these things, and all will go ok.
The good way to do this is using parameter:

insert MyTable (MyDate, MyValue) values (:mydate, 2.5)


hansmtbankAuthor Commented:
No, I can't use parameters.
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Why not? can you give some details?
hansmtbankAuthor Commented:
Thank you! I inserted date as "". I have to setup date format on MS SQL server.
Dates normally have to be quoted '10/30/1998'.

Also the default language date format of the user you are logged in as applies.

Use Instlang.sql on the MS SQL Install cd to install diferent languages...

Use the sp_setlanguage or sp_setdefaultlanguage to set which language is used by which user.

One last note.  Consider using long dates to make the app international.

ie use "30 October 1998"..

hope this helps..

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