how to dial out of the extension?


I am trying to use my modem to dial out of my office. However, if I use my phone, I need to dial a "9" first before I can dial out of my office. In this case, how to tell my modem dial a "9" first and then go to my ISP? Every time, I click on the dial up icon in Windows 95. It keeps tell me that I don't have dial tone and it stop there. How can I fix this problem?

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fredfanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi joeng,

Please do this and let me know the result :
[1] assuming your line used to connect the modem is 1234567. Use another phone to call this      number. Purpose - just to make sure both can talk to each other. Then off and on the modem
[2] If [1] 's result is positive, assuming you're using "hyperterminal" under
     START -- PROGRAM -- ACCESSORIES (under Win95), launch your icon to call out of           office. Inside the "Connect" sub-window, what is the phone number showed under "Phone      Number" ? IT should be 9, (nine follow by comma) and follows by your destination number.
[3] Click "Dial", now notice very carefully, first you'll hear a dial (just like when you press 9      button), then there should be a 1 or 2 second of silence (because he (,) comma tell the      modem to wait for second tone, then there'll be 7 continuos different dial-tone associate with      the number you call (depending on the number of digits of number you wish to call out).
[4] Sometimes if the destination number is out of reach you'll get a number busy mesg OR you'll      need to call again if your line could not get a free line (assuming your office adopting hunting      line concept).

Tell me the result for each steps above. Good luck
Using "my computer" find you "dial up networking" settings. Find the Icon used to dial out and select properties you should be able to specify a prefix to the number dialed there.

joengAuthor Commented:

I can't find the prefix sitting under dial up networking. Can you tell me where is it?

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joengAuthor Commented:
Everytime I try to dial, I get a error message say my modem can't find the dial tone. How can I fix this problem?

Put a 'nine' and a 'comma' at the *FRONT* of the telephone-number, and see if that helps.
To this setting can be found through:-

 My computer-> Dial up networking -> (icon used to make connection) -> dial properties -> "Number required to access outside line"

- to dial out, you have to dial in this manner "9,your_phone_number" (9 follow by comma).
- if you don't have a dial-tone , it simply means the line is dead. To check :
  * connect a phone to the phone cable (the end of phone line where you use to connect to your     modem), pick up the handle and listen - is there any dial tone? If yes, press 9 of your         phone-pad, is there another tone ? You should have another tone at this point.
 * if the above is positive, connect back the line to the modem, make sure it's tight. If you have
   another phone, try to call the number. The modem should respond with some high-freq sound.
 * Dial again from here. I believe when you use extension (9) to call out, sometime you have to    try several time (the second tone after you press 9 does not always appear) b'cos of the    hunting line trying to search for a free line.
 * Let me know of the result.
joengAuthor Commented:
Thanks fredfan,

I have the normal tone when I pick up my phone and dial a "9". But, even I enable the option of "to access an outside side, dial "9", I still can't get it work. I don't know what do you mean I need to try serveral time to make it work? I think my modem is working just fine. How do I config it for my computer to dial out of my office?

If the phone system needs additional time for connecting the outside line, add additional commas after the prefix.  Each comma gives a two second delay after the prefix number.  You can insert as many as needed.
joengAuthor Commented:
Thank your help. I finally figure out the problem with my phone line. I need to use a 2 pins phone line instead of 4 to make my modem work. Anyway, thanks all you have tried to help me!
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