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I've got this problem with setting default values in a form.
i get values from asp1 in these values are stored in variables and they should be the default values of a textbox,listbox(<select> html),radio buttons,check boxes.
I'm able to do for textboxes but what happens in the others.
I don't want a solution in javascript but in vbscript.Please let me know as early as possible.thanx.
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rajgnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For List boxes:
Suppose the the list box is as follows,
<SELECT NAME="purchase" SIZE="5">
<OPTION VALUE="TP">Toilet paper

then to set default values,(assuming the variable in which you stored it's value is 'var')
<OPTION <% if var="Soap" then response.write "selected"%>>Soap
<OPTION VALUE="TP" <% if var="TP" then response.write "selected"%>>Toilet paper
<OPTION <% if var="Cereal" then response.write "selected"%>>Cereal
<OPTION <% if var="Bread" then response.write "selected"%>>Bread
<OPTION <% if var="Milk" then response.write "selected"%>>Milk
<OPTION <% if var="Butter" then response.write "selected"%>>Butter

Similarly for a check box and Radio button (again assuming it's value stored in variable 'var')
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="donation" <% if var="on" then response.write "CHECKED" %> >
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="somecheck" <% if var="on" then response.write "CHECKED" %> >
rvsamuelAuthor Commented:
i'll try it and reply back.thanx anyway.
rvsamuelAuthor Commented:
u'r code works perfectly thanx.what'll happen if i have my <option> tag inside a loop and try to assign values from an array .Pls reply back.
Yes, certainly you can do it. But it'll be very good solution only when you have many items in the list.
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