Checking if other systems are operational

I am building a system in VB5 to monitor other systems.  It will be running on Win95 or NT and be checking a few OS2 WARP machines at some time interval to check if they are up and running.  I am looking for something that gives good information about the condition of the machine not just that the NIC card is working.  Any suggestions?
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mark2150Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you can schedule a job to run on the remote systems have it update a file with the current time/date. This will let you know when the last checkin was.

A simple program:

PRINT #1, "I'm Alive!"

It's not necessary for your monitoring software to OPEN the file, just watch the time/date stamp and you'lll know when the last time the remote system ran.



With Windows 95/98 and Windows NT, you can do an API call or two and check if the operating system is up and running.  Wiht OS2, I haven't a clue!  Sorry.   =]

If you need more info on the API's, lemme know how familiar you are with them and I'll try and give more info on it.

Can you have a share on them and read and write to that, that should be a good indication.
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louyAuthor Commented:

I dont have any API knowledge, that sound interesting, but it is OS2.


I can do a share.  I could write an OS2 batch file to look for some file that my VB5 monitoring system puts out there and have it do something to it.  At least I would know that process is running.  Just looking for some suggestions.
louyAuthor Commented:
I was hoping for something slick, but this type of approach probably provides better info.  The OS2 machines run several programs most of which write to individual logs already.  I created a file that stores the log file name to check and the frequency to check it.  I also stored an amount of time after which if there is no activity to the log to send an alert.

  I am just using the FileDateTime function, I think this is what was suggested?  

The programs that write the log files are written in C and do not like it when anyone opens them.  Does this function open the files or just grap the time stamp without opening them?
FileDate/Time should just give you the date/time stamp and not actually open the files. The beauty of this is it's simplicity. It will work no matter what OS the monitored systems are using. A DIR command will reveal the data if nothing else does and there is little that can go wrong.


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