how do you reformat?
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dankhConnect With a Mentor Commented:

   Reformat what?  Your harddisk, a floppy?  

   Tell me more and i will  provide you with the answer.
Make a bootable diskette by putting a diskette in the A: drive, open up a command prompt and type "format a: /s"

Next you need to copy Fdisk.exe, Format.exe, and Mscdex.exe from the computer to the diskette.

They will either be in the DOS directory (for Older version of Windows), or c:\windows\command for Win 95 or 98.

Edit the config.sys (c:\edit config.sys) and find the line that says:
Device=CDROM.sys /D:mscd001

CDROM.sys will be different, but WRITE down what is in it's place.

Open a new file and type:
Device=a:\CDROM.sys(using the name that you wrote down)
Save it as a:\config.sys

Create a new file and type:
A:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001 /L:D
Save it as a:\autoexec.bat

Find the file (CDROM.sys) and copy it to the A: drive now.

You should now be able to test it by booting up to the diskette and trying to go to the D: drive

From the a: drive:
Run FDISK to partition the drive.
FORMAT c: to format it.

jhollen937Author Commented:
Hard drive, Windows 98.

CB is on the right track.  However, if you got a new harddrive then there should be some kind of software that came with it to format and partition the drive.  Also, what is your current situation with your computer?  That is, why do you want to format?  What Operating systems do you have on there?
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