SetUp Locks Up

I can't get very far into the installation before it Locks up.
Win95- as soon as I "accept" the Licence agreement it locks.
Win98- right after it copies files for installation it locks.

Just got this computer, it had a small partition on it,
I deleted it and created a new one 100% (Thanks to mrorange)
formated C, as soon as it's done formating I get this;
 "disk boot sector is to be modified, type Y to accept or any other key to abort. Award bios"

I press "Y" about 3 times before it goes away, and it seems OK.
I just deleted my partition, created a new one, and formated again. Same thing, I formated again, this time when I got the message, I pressed "any other key" then it said;

"Write protect Error, Format Terminated."

How can I fix this problem?
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skylab060398Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Get a good boot disk (Win95 or DOS) make sure it has FDISK.EXE, and FORMAT.COM as well.
Boot from the floppy. Type FDISK/MBR
That will rewrite the Master Boot Record
Next, fdisk and delete the partitions, then recreate an all new one.
Format with the floppy.

Me again,
Disable virus protection in your CMOS Setup.
I just reread the question. You can include this with my answer. In fact it's the real answer.
Sorry about that.
wanda101797Author Commented:
So I don't need to fdisk/mbr and all that,
just disable virus warning in cmos?
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wanda just diable the virus warning .and re-format the drive.
I think you know what to do from there. any questions ask .

Bob :~)
wanda101797Author Commented:
That was it, Thanks again Bob!
You're welcome Cindy
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