RedHat: Making Multi Root/Boot Disk...HOW???

I just purchased a 6 CD pack called: InfoMagic Linux Developer's Resource.  It has both RedHat and Slackware on the CDs and so I chose RedHat to install onto my HD.  It created a Boot Disk (which appears to be the boot disk for installing/upgrading) and it also created another Boot Disk which actually goes into Linux.  I chose not to put LILO onto my HD because I want it to boot up in WIN95 automatically and when I feel like going into Linux then great, pop in the disk.  

Can you tell me how I am able to make more copies of this "Boot into Linux OS" diskette since I am completely unable to make copies of this diskette from WIN95?

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JBURGHARDTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What froze up? Are you using good floppy disk ? You need floppy without bad sectors
Go to /boot and do a ls. You should see a vmlinuz-2.0.34 (or whatever your kernel version is). This is your bootable kernel image. Put a dos formatted floppy in your drive and type
dd if=/boot/vmlinuz-2.0.34 of=/dev/fd0  
this will dump the kernel to the floppy and your system should boot from it. Try it out and if it works make as many as you want. The disk made by the redhat setup may have lilo and a few other things on it, but either will boot your system the same way.
You have to boot into redhat and type
mkbootdisk --device /dev/fd0 2.0.35-2 (kernel number )
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You can install lilo and use F2 to set win95 as default so it will boot into win95 and if you want to boot linux just type linux and enter. You can try it and if you don't like lilo you can do fdisk /mbr to boot in win95 only  
ratboyAuthor Commented:
swwelsh, the answer you gave me was SO close but half way thru it froze up.  Truly I thank you for the reply!

JBURGHARDT, your answer was dead on.  Thanks!

ratboyAuthor Commented:
You were right. The disk was dead.  I hate these f*cking 3.5" disks.  I truly apologize for the rejected answer.

Hey do you know much about getting the Internet to work under linux?
YEs it very easy with redhat just start X windows startx then you will see control panel with icon for network, you will need to add ppp you need to edit it add phone number user name password. You need to play with this or call your IPS to get info on how you get connected, because you can use pap or script.
Just ask if you need more help.
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