how to make win95 use its himem.sys and emm386.exe? Currently it is using ones of win3.1.

Recently I have set up win95 over win3.1. Problems arose during hardware detection when win95 tried to read the hardware, it prompted for errors such as 0E at ...0D at...ect. So win95 setup was not complete. I had to cold boot the computer a few times, however, still the computer prompted for errors in hardware detection.
I think it's win95 himem.sys and emm386.exe are causing the problem. CAn't I use himem.sys and emm386 of win95 over my computer.
I have a 486dx-2 Compaq Pres. 50Mhz, with 24mb Ram, 340mb disk space.
Is it possible that the files are conflicting with win3.1 himem and emm386. What I mean is that is it possible that himem and emm386 is programmed onto the computer and cannot be replaced by win95 himem and emm386? Help?
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smeebudConnect With a Mentor Commented:
HIMEM.SYS is a MS-DOS Himem driver.
From Reskit,
Command-Line Commands Summary
Native Windows 95 Commands
Commands Used in CONFIG.SYS Files

Himem is an extended-memory manager — a program that coordinates the use of your computer’s extended memory, including the HMA, so that no two applications or device drivers use the same memory at the same time. This device driver must be loaded by a device command in CONFIG.SYS, and the command line must come before any commands that start applications or device drivers that use extended memory.

Contrary to some, 95 does use himem.sys.
1st, extract your himem.sys from your CD to a empty directory.
Then boot in safe mode a Delete or rename any himem.sys you have on your system. then copy the newly extracted himem.sys to
C:\WINDOWS and reboot.

Note  The Windows 95 IO.SYS file is automatically renamed to WINBOOT.SYS if you start the computer using your previous operating system.

The drivers loaded by default in IO.SYS include the following, if these files are found on the hard disk:


vispAuthor Commented:
I have deleted himem.sys and emm386 of win3.1 before the setup, however, win95 is still prompted for errors during hardware detection. Infact, I have deleted all config.sys and autoexec.bat from the system, so that win95 could not detect the files. You may tell me I shouldn't delete them, but I have tried to both ways and neither ones work.
Edit your config.sys file so that these lines are in it


Be sure to use a regular text editor and if you don't have himem or emm386, copy them from a friend's computer to your Windows directory.      

Restart your computer and good luck!
vispAuthor Commented:
  No, I still couldn't get the himem.sys to work properly.
This is what I got trying to use win95 himem--->this is what it said in the window blue background, "a 32-bit driver has corrupted critical system memory, resulting in an exception 0E at 0028:C0231800 in VXD VMM(0D)+00001800 this was called from 0028:c0036A2E in VXD VTDAPI(01)+000000BA."
What does that mean? Help!
Now, I think I need to disable anti-virus in ROM BIOS or CMOS, how do I get in CMOS? I held down delete key just when I turn on my pc but all I got was a keyboard error at the start and F1 boot.
Help! ps: I tried to use other keys to get in cmos such as F10,F11, esc...etc but they don't work. Help!
Visp, 1st Win 95 uses it's own extended memory manager and does not need Himem or EMM386.  These two programs are not programmed into the computer, but as you saw are loaded from the Config.sys file, which you deleted.  Windows 95 also does not need a config.sys or autoexec.bat file to operate as it is it's own operating system.  You have done so much to try and fix the problem, the easiest solution is to re-install windows 95.  But before you do get rid of win 3.1 all together.  Windows 95 operates best when installed on a clean Hard Drive, that is a reformated drive.
To access you CMOS, when you boot your computer wait untill you see writting on the top part of the screen (this is your BIOS info), then you will see numbers clicking (memory check), this is called posting.  Then hit your DEL key.  Some 486's require different keys to be hit, the most common are DEL, CTR/DEL, CTR/ALT/DEL, CTR/ESC,  This will get you into setup.  And your right the anti-virus should be disabled before installing windows 95, and as a suggestion get yourself a good virus program, the one on the computer is not satisfactory.

I think you are getting conflicts because you installed windows 95 right over win 3.1 and did not prepare the computer for the installation.  Re-Installing is the best solution as I suggested above and will prevent further problems.

Hope this Helps
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