internal cd not recognized by OS8.1


I have an APS brand powerpc with 603e chip.  It has a 20x internal cd rom (IDE) which is no longer recognized by OS8.1.  I systematically took out all 8.1 related CDROM drivers/extensions and replaced them with ones from 7.5.3.  Now, data CDs are recognized, but audio CDs are not.  I recently purchased a SCSI CDR drive, and this is recognized by the 8.1 system.  Does anyone have any suggestion as to why this problem occurs?  Is it due to a possible third party incompatabtility issue with OS8.1?

On another note, would 8.5 work with third party hardware?


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paulvaneykelenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem has been resolved.
Hind sight is 20/20. No offense but, Apple has a history of dropping the ball. I expected that they would drop support for clones when they first appeared. I learned about 8 years ago never to buy a CD-ROM drive that does not carry the Apple Brand due to the problems surrounding driver support and the incompatibility that accompanies them. Yours is a more frustrating problem, since the drive is IDE.

You may have to revert to the OS that shipped with the machine or purchase FWB's CD-ROM ToolKit, which may or may not support your particular drive:

really...good luck
seldonAuthor Commented:
actually, after following the advice of some others, i did in fact install OS8.5.  the new apple cd/dvd extension recognizes the cdrom and i can now play audio from it...
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since you no longer have the problem, either delete the question or give someone points for it.
How was it resolved?!
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