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sendmail configuration

   I own grommit.com, and aliased risc.grommit.com to the same IP, in order for VirtualHost to work properly under Apache.  I would now like to setup email accounts on my machine that work for risc.grommit.com.  I.E: the machine's actual hostname is grommit.grommit.com, so how can I make the machine accept email addressed to risc.grommit.com as well?  I put risc.grommit.com in the named configuration, but whenever I try to send mail to someone@risc.grommit.com, I get a "we do not relay" error... I'm running RedHat 5.1, kernel 2.0.35
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In your sendmail.cf, you should have two lines near the top that start with Cw and CP.  Make sure that the hostname, risc.grommit.com is included in both lists.  Also, after changing the sendmail.cf, you must restart sendmail.  If you have a frozen sendmail configuration (i.e. sendmail.fc) you must rebuild or delete the frozen configuration file.
coleslauAuthor Commented:
thanks much.... it worked perfectly. =)
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