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Is there any theoretical information that you are familiar with and that I can have that would explain in a fine detail the implementation of a Btree+ or a Btree* and a good hashing function that goes with it ?. The object is to develop a database scheme in order not to use an existing one. The hashing function must be almost perfect (without collitions)
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scrapdogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
btree question / pascal

http://osf1.gmu.edu/~mince/cc.htm    [has implementations in C++]
http://www.cs.uow.edu.au/people/nabg/ABC/ABC.html   [contains a postscript document]
There is no hashing function without collition. The collition is the most advantage of hashing method.

i900013649Author Commented:
Let me just add a comment. My plan is to implement each node of this Btree+ as a colection of elements, and every one of these elements would have a string and a its hashed value, so that when I do my binary search on a node to look for the actual string I will be looking the hashed value not the string in order to make it run faster.
So even though I am storing the string value on each element of the nodes, I want to store also its hashed value so that when I do the looking up, I will go for the value(this way, my search will run faster).
If you look at this from my point of view, having collitions just mess everything up !!!
Why not just make a separate index?
i900013649Author Commented:
Well, Sir. It looks like I am never going to get an answer. So you are going to have to forgive me if I just quit answering questions. Thanks any way !!!
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