New Motherboard...win95 hardware conflicts w/CD

A freind has installed a new motherboard to his older P133 system...I think it's a PII celeron 300(????) anyhow, the system refuses to load Win95 the error sites the CDrom.  It will however, let me into safe mode!

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busukaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately ... after changing motherboard your friend MUST
reinstall Win95 from scratch. There is no way you can get system
working after such drastic step (I don't remember number of
question in Microsoft Knowledge Base, that says the same thing).
Hi Ian!

Busuka is mostly right.  It's going to be a real time-consuming pain to set that thing up from a prior install.
Best bet would be to backup any important data from safe mode, and then do a clean install of Win95.
It may be possible to get it running without re-installing, but it'll probably take longer, and it may never run properly again.
Just my 2 cents.
Let us know if you need help with it.
leadbootAuthor Commented:
You were right, WIN95 did have to be reinstalled!  However, the problem remained...we only resolved it after addressing the cdrom conflict!
How did you get Win95 installed if you had the CDROM problem?
Ralph: DOS drivers + full Win95 CD copy on HD works OK. Hmm, but CD problem sounds interesting.
What exactly the problem ? Busmaster drivers, IDE conflict or BIOS Setup ?
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