Problem Using ActiveX DLL

i have a \windows\system\wavelinkole.dll file that i want to use in delphi3. i have the appropriate wavelinkole.tlb file and as well the wavwlinkole_tlb.pas file. Now how do i
declare in my program the use of this DLL? it´s only
enouth the .PAS file ? should i create a new object?
please Advise.
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dwwangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The .Pas file is enough, of course with the .dll itself.
and you can find the class declared in the .pas file. Normally it's the same name as the documents described.

For example, if the class name is MyClass (which you might know frm VB), you can just declare an variable as myobj:MyClass, then myobj:=MyClass.create;

For further information, you can e-mail the tlb source to me and we can discuss more.
pcl110598Author Commented:
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pcl110598Author Commented:
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pcl110598Author Commented:
i'm happy with the answer and
i'll provide the files so you
can take a better look.

Well, my e-mail is
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