Sample code on TAPI - wav to phone

Somewhere, sometime (not in the current SDK) microsoft published sample code on how to send a wav file (as a sound) a voice/modem using TAPI and probably mmAPI.  Does anyone know where I can locate that code?

If you locate it by doing a search, I would be grateful to learn how you conducted the search
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linda101698Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I am posting the solution found by broccoli so it can be saved in the previously asked questions.  Please see your customer service question for an explanation.

Linda Gardner
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Comment From: broccoli
                                 Date: Thursday, November 12 1998 - 12:41PM PST
     In case anybody is interested in the answer to my question.  The code is at 

     I found after locating the tapi FAQ at:
broccoliAuthor Commented:
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broccoliAuthor Commented:
In case anybody is interested in the answer to my question.  The code is at

I found after locating the tapi FAQ at:

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you need open the lineDevice
and then you can use the device as WaveDevice.
that is saying you can control the device with MCI function

in the VC5 help you can find want you need.
broccoliAuthor Commented:
Dear wyy_cq;

Thank you for trying to respond, however, I have already found the answer to my question.  I posted that answer yesterday.  In addition, your answer would not have been satisfactory even if I had been asking "how" to play a wave to the phone.  

To open the device I must use LineOpen(), but the critical step is lineGetID() where I get an ID for the modem that I can pass to the media player functions.

Thank You Again for trying

Keith Elias
Since the link - 

Is no linger valid & the download from - 

was not working either, could you post the code for your solution?

If you do not get a response could you please ask me to remove this question from the Previously Asked Questions does not seem to be working.  If the answer is no longer valid, I should delete the question.

I am also going to refund the 7 points you used to access this question back to your account.

Thanks for posting the comment.

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broccoliAuthor Commented:
Sorry for taking so long to reply.

Go to:

You want:

August 1996 Vol. 11 No.8 ..............     CODE MSJAUG96
                                                         (392,629 Bytes)

April 1998 Vol. 13 No. 4 .............. CODE MSJAPR98
                                                   (303,282 Bytes)

If you go up one directory to
you can also get copies of the articles.  I converted the Aug96 code for use in Delphi.  That code is available at the site of the "Delphi Informant Magazine".

The tripod address is still good.  That's how I found the above info.  You must have hit the site on a bad day.

My Email address is:


Friar Broccoli
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