Electronics 101: Euro? Resistor values

Have a schematic that references resistors in the 3 following formats:

470 r  (i assume 470 ohms)
4k7    (i assume 4700 ohms, 4.7k)
4,7k   (no idea what the comma denotes.)

Question is what are the equivilant value(s). Thanks.

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joopvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am very interested in the PIC subject so i will download and look at it.  If i get a clue or find anything i will let you know in this question thread
This diagram is not very consequent.  your assumptions are right, and the last value is the european way of writing 4700 ohms.  So :
470r=470 ohms
4k7 = 4,7k = 4.7k = 4700 ohms

and just to make it more complete :

r47 = 0.47 ohms
470k=470.000 ohms  (or 470,000 the americam way
4M7 = 4.700.000 ohms

bculverAuthor Commented:
Not to doubt your answer, however, the schematic has a parts list that clearly distinguishes parts between 4k7 and 4,7k. ie.

r1,r2,r3 = 4k7
r6,r9,r12 = 4,7k

could there be any other meanings associated between these two ie. tolerances etc? Just let me know what you think either way so I can give yo the points.

PS: Thanks for the added info also...
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This is odd...  sorry, i can only suggest that 2 people with different ideas about noting the values worked on the schematics.

Maybe the context can give a clue.  If you can scan the diagram and send it to me (use B&W GIF format, not jpg !) i'll be happy to take a look.

my email adress is pe1dna@amsat.org

bculverAuthor Commented:
The schematic is for a PIC microcontroller. a 4 page
PDF file can be downloaded from:


If your interested, otherwise just post an answer so i can give you the points. Thank again for your help!

It is possible that the soft which prepared the list of components took the name of things in a very strict way, thinking that "4,7k" and "4k7" are different elements. Hence the soft created two entries, when reality says that they are all the same and should be just only one.

Keep in mind that European countries uses the comma as a decimal indicator, just as USA uses the period for the same.

Moreover, in our country (Argentina), it's very common to talk about resistors as "nKm", instead "n.mK".

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