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How can you have two(2) objects or layers in motion concurrently?  I can make one layer (text and images) move and reposition on a screen but am unable to develop a script to allow for two(2) or more to move.
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kollegovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have a script which can moves several layers independently
The example is at my pages:
Don't hesitste to bother me with qustions if you will need help
with it. You will find e-mail form in geoguide banner at the top
of the page.
Javascript has just one "thread". So you'll have to move the layers within the same thread. So you can't really do more things simultaneously. You'll have to make them happen shortly after each other.

I don't know how you move a layer, but if you want to simulate a motion, you probably use a function which, with a setTimeOut calls itself.

If you generalize that function (make the layer and some other things depend on parameters) you could use it to move the other layer too.

For a functionality like this, look at:

It is in Dutch. The thing is: if you push the "start" buttons below the text fields, each of the textfields will start displaying different words each second. For that they all use the same function that calls itself with a setTimeOut (called with different parameters).

It looks like each has its own "thread".

Hope this gives you some idea how to continue. If you want a more specific help, you'll have to post some code.

Just curious, does my script help?
Just curious, does my script help?
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