File Object's Properties dialog

Does anyone know how I can display the properties dialog for an Explorer object?  E.g. simulate right-clicking on a file, folder, etc. and selecting "Properties".

An example would be appreciated, as I suspect it's not as simple as calling "ShowPropertiesDialog('C:\Autoexec.bat');"!!  ;-)  Do I have to use CreatePropertySheetPage, etc. etc.?

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ronit051397Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Download the example from 
I checked it briefly and it's working.
I checked it only on NT.
JimBob091197Author Commented:
Hi Ronit

Thanks for the quick reply.  I checked it on Win 98, and from looking at the code I'm sure it will work on Win 95 too.

The sample was a big help, and helped me with 2 of my other questions as well - you might have seen them because I posted them at the same time as this question.  You can answer them too.  They are entitled "IContextMenu's Send To Menu" and "IContextMenu with multiple items".

Thanks again,

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