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I can't receive mail from a certain mailing list, all mail is sent with "To: (Recipients List Suppresed)" with no other usable addresses anywhere in the headers (it contains but I need to be able to use it.) I use Fetchmail to retrieve the messages from my ISP.  Basically what I want to do is set up a default account that all unsendable email is sent to, (i.e how can I do this? does it have to be done via sendmail, or is there something I can set in fetchmail?  The easiest solution is the best solution, I'm looking for a hack, nothing too involved, but any info will be helpful.  Thanks.
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tfabianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
please clarify what you're attempting to do??

are you popping mail from your ISP??

if other people get their mail from the same feed, do they have different ids? or does everything come into one mailbox??

aliases allow you to resend or redirect messages.. eg. if my username on a given system was "jdoe", but many people sent mail to "jdough" instead, I could setup an alias so that any incoming mail to "jdough" would get sent to "jdoe" instead..  

these aliases go in the /etc/aliases file..  it's a simple format..

using my example above


or if I wanted to send to two people, eg. msmith might need a copy, then


of course, you can expand the user names to fully qualified domain names and user ids

or you can substitute programs or filters that act upon the incoming messages..


    archive:   /disk1/archive/data, "/usr/local/bin/hypermail -i -u -d/disk1/archive-data -l\"web archives\""

would take incoming mail to the "archive" address, append it to a file called /disk1/archive/data, then would pipe that file into the hypermail program which would generate a web based archive of the messages...

it assumes you've got hypermail installed along with a web server..

but you get the idea.. if you have a filtering program that does accomplish the task you want (it can be a script file), you can use a similar technique to resend your messages..

legbaAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
have you explored using aliases or the .forward file??

you could setup an alias to resend/forward all incoming mail back to yourself but at another address that you can deal with..

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legbaAuthor Commented:
forgot to mention that there are 2 other people that get their mail from the same server, so I can't just forward all mail, only the stuff that doesn't correspond to an existing address.  I don't know enough about aliases to know whether or not it would allow this.  
legbaAuthor Commented:
Ok, Right, each user has their own email address,, etc...all mail addressed as goes to the same ISP mailbox, which we then fetch and sort with linux... all except the mail from a certain mailing list, which instead of "" for the To: field it contains "(Recipients list supressed)" in order to prevent spam and knowing who else is on this list.  The way I have it set up now, fetchmail retrieves all mail from the ISP account, and sends it to sendmail, which sends it to whichever user is in the To: field of each individual message, But since the mailing list  messages have no email address in the To: field, they don't get sent anywhere, and wind up in limbo.  (thanks for the explaination of aliases btw)  so .forwarding, and now aliases, wouldn't do the trick because they aren't sent to any address that they can be forwarded from.  So what I'm looking for, is some sort of default address, like if it can't find a valid address in the message, it would send the message to
I hope it's clear this time.

setup an alias for POSTMASTER to point to one of your users..  it should already have an alias in your /etc/aliases file..

typically, the POSTMASTER account gets all the bounced mail sent to it by default..

good luck

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