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Banshee no like Quake2

I just bought Creative Labs 3D BLaster Bancshee and was very happy with the results it showed on my games, exsept for one -> Quake2. It doesnt seem to recognize that there is a supporting card. The game has few options like [Software render/OpenGL render/3Dfx render/...]
in my opinion card should deffinetly support 3Dfx render
as it is based on 3Dfx VooDoo2 engine, and might support OpenDL, but instaed when i put on those settings it gives
me crazy screen flashing and the console screen that has tons of things on it and at the bottom says THE SERVER WAS KILLED. what server???
And if this is of any help the game doesnt start like before; it doesnt show q2 graphic and entro flick.

Somebody please tell me how to fix this minor little mishap.

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1 Solution
I wonder if the fact that the Banshee is missing the 2nd Texure Buffer might be causing the problem.

I know that quake uses both buffers.

I should have my Banshee in the mail soon, I will check with mine to see if I have the same problem.


Make sure you got the latest drivers from creative or 3Dfx, make sure you're selecting 3Dfx OpenGL, rather than Default OpenGL, be sure you have your desktop color depth set to 16-bit and make sure you're not setting Q2's resolution too high. I think banshees are good up to 1024x768 or something near that.  And you should be running at least version 3.19
SergAuthor Commented:
i set the colors to 16-bit
i tryed starting it on 320x240
i got version 3.19
i got something called opengl95
and it still doesnt work
on 3dfx gl it brings up console screen with all the weird stuff and the says SERVER WAS KILLED
and on opengl it does the same but then goes back to software rendered game

it could very well be the buffering since the console screen mentions buffering quite a few times
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Serg, there is nothing you can do. cmcgee was right: Banshee uses one buffer, where
Quake2 want two. Banshee good on D3D games.
For "server was killed" try this: open Networks in Control Panel and add TCP/IP Protocol.
Don't configure anything, just add and re-run Quake2.
This is from Tom's Hardware site:

The 3D core is pretty close to what we know from Voodoo2, however with
two major differences. Banshee has only got one texture unit as opposed to
two texture units in Voodoo2. This means a disadvantage for Banshee in
games that are using a feature called ‘multi texturing’. Unreal and Quake 2
are two examples, where over the texture there’s an additional lighting map,
which has to be processed as well. Banshee needs to do two passes for
those two jobs, Voodoo2 can do both at the same time. This means that
Unreal and Quake 2 are running faster on a Voodoo2. On the other hand is
Banshee running at a higher core clock than Voodoo2, resulting in a higher
fill rate, which makes games that don’t use ‘multi-texturing’ run faster on
Banshee than on a single Voodoo2.
Have you tried to see if the directx dirvers are installed properly if not try the Dxdiag to verify that your card is setup correctly, if this is ok, look for a patch for q2.

Also if you have a directx5 change the core to directx6.
As far as I know, there're mentions of problem with Banshee & Quake2, but they do work.
SergAuthor Commented:
my directx if fine (ver 6), and I already have latest patch

I already have TCP/IP in the network.
I guess i wont get to play accelerated qauke2 soon
thanx for that 'Toms Site' clip

did you get two to work or just know someone who did?
cmcgee will get banshee soon (or so he said)
perhaps then he'll figiure something out
Seems like my Banshee is on Backorder :(. I may cancel it if it takes much longer.

What the hell is a 2nd texture buffer?

Are you getting 2nd texture buffer confused with "Twin Texel Pipeline"? Banshee has only one texel pipeline. Like the explanation above from Tom's Hardware site, this only means that Banshee has to spend more time calculating graphics effects. Unlike the Banshee, cards like Voodoo2 and nVidia TNT run so fast because the chip can calculate multi-texturing and lighting all at once using two, thus "Twin", parts of the chip running at the same time.

As far as buffering, any decent 3D card built within the last couple of years can create a Front Buffer and a Back Buffer and additional Texture "Back" Buffers and chain these buffers. Texture buffers can populate video card memory or system memory.

I don't believe Creative Labs is enhancing the driver base or card design so it should be equivalent to a 3Dfx reference card, so, 3Dfx drivers should work. Also, 3Dfx is good about keeping their drivers up to date with the latest OpenGL release. I wouldn't install any OpenGL files other than what comes with the 3Dfx drivers for compatibility sake.

I have a Banshee reference card that I'll try to pull up to see what the nature of your problems are and what a possible fix could be.
SergAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 150
-All Quake2 games are run in Server Mode.  ID software coded the games this way to make network play easier to implement.  Whether you are playing a one player game or a 64 player deathmatch, every player is a local server.  Anytime a demo is killed by an error or you interrupt it by bringing down the console, etc., you will get the Server Was Killed error message, whether you did it or the game did it.

-Quake2 does support 3D acceleration cards with single texture units ("texel pipeline" is a facy way of saying it").  It worked great with my Voodoo1 card in 3Dfx openGL mode, for example.  You should be using the 3Dfx openGL mode in Quake2.  This mode uses the 3Dfx proprietary GLide API for 3D rendering.  Speaking of that, you need to make sure that you have the GLide drivers installed when you are trying to play 3Dfx accelerated games, at least glide version 2.54

-Make sure that you have only one instance of openGL32.dll, and it's in your \windows\system directory

-The 3Dfx openGL modes (all fullscreen only), and support 512x384, 640x480, 800x600, etc.  I would try 640x480 for starters.

-I would post this question to the alt.games.quake2 newsgroup as well.  There are some hardcore Quake2 players there, some who have Banshees, who would be more than willing to supply the answer if you can't find it here.

Additional resources:

3Fingers and Hearon's Hot Rod Shop (The best for Quake2 and Voodoo!!).  They have a section on Banshee!!!!

Planet Quake-most frequently updated Quake site.  Mods galore:


SergAuthor Commented:
Hey Jim
I went to "3Fingers and Hearon's Hot Rod Shop"
and found files that suppose to fix incompabilities Banshee
might have with Q2.
I downloaded the file (replacement for 3dfx.dll)
and now I can play q2 in beautifull 3d.
Jim-post an answer to claim you points.

And thanx to everyone that helped.
OK, Serg, glad I was able to help!  Frag On!!
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