Scrollbars and MDI Child Forms


I want to create an MDI app,  with child windows. The child windows will display user input forms with standsrsd Vb controls.  However the Fom size may exceed the window size, so I will need to scroll around the form.

Is there a way to ensure the MDI child window has scrollbars

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cybermoonlightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
either put two picture boxes inside the form, one of them being inside the other, then attach scroolbars and the necessary code,
or you could use the forms2 designer that comes with office 97 or IE 4, it has scrollbars already!!!
hope it helps.


Hi, I would use the pager control from Microsoft.
It displays little arrows when something exceeds the viewable

tinybearAuthor Commented:
Can u give me more information re the Pager Control?  Ive not come across it before.

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tinybearAuthor Commented:
Can u p[rovide me with more info. i.e where to find this control?

tinybearAuthor Commented:
Excellent.  Tried thge Forms 2.0 solution and it works.  I've not used the forms 2.0 designer before now.  Thanks
if you need anymore help, ie you need the code, i will post it here on request..I would email it to you but our intranet service forbids the use of email....
by the way, Any questions you have, i will answer for free just send an email to me and i will try to get a hold of you...
my email is
tinybearAuthor Commented:
Thanks,  yeah a sampple of the code may be helpful.  Thanks
sample code coming up!!
picScroller.BorderStyle = 0
    picContainer.BorderStyle = 0

    m_strCurrentProcedure = "VScroll_Change"
    picScroller.Height = frmMenu.FormHeights - 1000
    picScroller.Width = Me.Width - VScroll.Width - 100
    picContainer.Height = 5600 'This controls the size of the container
    picContainer.Width = Me.Width - 60
    VScroll.Top = 0
    VScroll.Left = picScroller.Width + 50
    VScroll.Height = picScroller.Height
    VScroll.Max = picContainer.Height - picScroller.Height
    VScroll.Visible = picScroller.Height < picContainer.Height
End Sub

Private Sub VScroll_Change()
' **************************************************
' * Make the form appear to scroll relative to the
' * scrollbar.
' **************************************************

    m_strCurrentProcedure = "VScroll_Change"
    picContainer.Top = -VScroll.Value
End Sub

picContainer & picScroller are the 2 picture boxes!!!
hope it helps...
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