CD-R quality

Is there any quality difference between CD-R brands (Sony, HP, Verbatim) and if so, what are they?

Have any benchmarks been run comparing different brands?
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rmarottaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's no set of standards that I'm aware of.  
The quality CD-R for your system is the one that you determine works best.
I have had good results with no-names that others had poor results with.  I have also had bad experiences with "Name brands".

i buy whatever CD-Rs CompUSA currently offers for little or no money after a rebate, so i have tried most of the major brands out there.  the big difference is in the gold vs. green vs. blue discs.  some drives don't really like one or more of the colors.  i've used drives by Yamaha, Sony, HP, and Acer.  only the Acer seemed to care what CD-R media i threw at it.  in that case i used blue discs, from Verbatim.  for the cd burner we had at work which was an autoloader, we had to use Mitsumi discs, as that was the only brand where the cds did not stick together when placed in a spindle loader.

the bottom line:  buy a high quality burner and you won't need to care about the media that you use.  Sony and Yamaha both make excellent SCSI drives; HP and Sony are great for IDE solutions, especially their 2x4x24 models.
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