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Now I know jack squat about unix so.  I burn a cd in win98
the files on the cd can be read from the cd on a win98 machine.  The files can be ftp'd from the win98 box to the dos box and the filenames keep their hyphens - but if I try to read the cd on a unix box the hyphes become underscores..
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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check your mount command for character mapping options (man mount)
So what's your question?  Is it "why does this happen?" or is it "how do I convert the underscores back to hyphens?" or something else entirely?
juttyAuthor Commented:
What I am wanting to know is how do I make unix recognise the hyphens in the filenamesstraight from the cd.
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UNIX itself can deal with any character in filenames, except / and NULL.
Only following filenames are not allowed:  .  and  ..
So your problem is not UNIX, but the command which mounts the CD or your
command with which you're inspecting the CD.
So please first check your mount, after reading   man mount
...unless it is a conflict between character sets.
... then there could be read nothing (useful) from cd, probably ;-o
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