Titanic textures

If anyone knows where to find the textures or textures like the ones used in the movie "Titanic", please notify me.  
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Are you after a water effect? A fog effect? A sky effect? I know ways of doing all of these using the standard lightwave procedural textures and I am sure you would be surprised at the quality of the results. Anything from deep sea ocean waves to pond ripples in the rain :) I do know where to find the textures from titanic, but i doubt the owners would give them to you :) They are a series of specially designed procedural functions for high end graphics interfaces like SoftImage and PowerAnimator. Don't believe the adds about lightwave being used for titanic. Load of bolshoi.
stealth44Author Commented:
i'm not looking for a enviromental effect of any kind, just the textures for the ship itself.  thanks anyway
I ahve made a Titanic object in lightwave. It doesn't look quite as good as the one in the film, but it isn't bad considering that it is the first object that I have made.
Regarding the texture for the object. I don't have to ability to generate my own (complex) textures, so I used a few that I had already. These consist of geberic panels and the Narn cruiser specularity map that came with my Narn cruiser object that I obtained from G'Kane I think...Anyhew, I used the Narn map to create a specularity map on the hull, which is the only thing that made the hull look remotely correct. If you are looking for textures for the hull that involve a lot of detail (rivits, etc.) don't bother --- the detail will not show up at all.
If you want to know more then just ask away, bearing in mind that I have only ever made one object (well, its not actully finished yet) so I'm not a wizard on lightwave yet.

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PS sorry about my spelling and the answer above is more of a comment.
stealth44Author Commented:
i'm only missing the railing on my titanic object, but i have all the surfacing done (60,000 polygons, whew!).  thanks for the comment anyway, although i still need textures, especially the hull.
Stealth44, my E-mail is ljw6@ukc.ac.uk. Mail me and we can sort out some sort of exchange. I'm not quite sure how big my titanic object is polygon wise, but it is over 1Meg in size. Mail me or give me your E-mail and I should be able to send you the texture that I have done. I'll send you a pic of mine and you can send me one of yours. Gotta go, I'll talk to you later on.
Image maps are obviously the only way to go. Check out some photoshop tutorial sites for some awesome texturing effects. And please return to the topic area and answer my questions! I'm going MAAAADDDDDD! :)
stealth44Author Commented:
image maps aren't very realistic though.  a bump map wouldn't give the surface the right effect of being in three dimensions.
Yeah, i know what you are saying, but how often do you get close enough to see the full detail? obviously, you want a detailed model, but things like railings and ropes can be done with a transparency and colour map, as can panels on the surface. Remember that you will see a lot of the tricks in your animations that an audience will miss. You can get away with a lot of 2d simulation of 3d. Next time you watch titanic, check out some of the long shots, like the one where the captain comes out of the cabin. He's walking like a damn wooden puppet :) The audience doesn't notice this. The trick is too fool them with, rather than too much realism, too much detail. A lot of little simple things will overwhelm the viewer far better than a few realistic things. Believe me. Just watch it a little closer, and see what you think :) It's actually a bit of a laugh to think they got away with it :)
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