Word97 to HTML conversion

I am looking for something to convert Word97 files to HTML. I know that Word can save HTML but it is a very messy conversion and a nightmare to maintain the files after (lots and lots of un-needed code).  I am needing something that will do a nice clean conversion, and before someone suggests it - I don't want to set about writing one myself.

Any ideas?
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"HTML Transit" by Infoaccess will help you

"Still the most complete program for
automatically translating business
documents to HTML files."
                    -Windows Magazine

URL: http://www.infoaccess.com/html/html.htm
Support many modern format
Produce very good code
(One minor disadvantages is that
it's convert non-latin-1 chars to &#Hex)

SRP aprox 500$
Trial version available

Frontpage, but I guess you'll have the same problem.

Outside-In server converts Word97 on the fly to HTML (http://www.inso.com/)
mtechAuthor Commented:
Yes, Frontpage seems to use the same method to convert the files as Word97 and Outside-In Server does not like the fact that my PC is not a web server (nor likely to be).

There must be some bright spark out there who has written a clean file converter.
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mtechAuthor Commented:
I must admit I did take a 'quick' look at HotMetal (4.5) but could not see how to import a Word document. The only format (other that html) was txt. I could not even find the subject in the the help file.

How do you do it?
mtechAuthor Commented:
I don't think I can give you this one - version 3 is no longer available and 4.5 will not do that type of conversion. Maybe version 5 (out soon) will, but who knows?
You do what I always do...I usually convert and then clean up...saves some time but in some cases, it may take to you longer to "clean" the code that it would to just start from scratch.  Just an idea.
mtechAuthor Commented:
Yup, it seems to do what it says

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