Old SCSI Card

I have what I believe is a symbiosis 53C400A SCSI card. Has the SCSI symbol on it then 53C400A. Windows does not support it. Can't get my machine to recognize it. Nor do I have drivers for this thing.Help would be greatly appreciated. I need drivers please. Symbiosis is no help nor is ncr. They both point the finger at each other.
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arnondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this file, it might be just what you're looking for:
you can try to get it from salle@shaw.wave.ca
e-mail her (i think it's a 'her') and she  (?) might help you.
or e-mail: prateek@cavotecme.com
or: donnar@onlinemac.com

also, take a look at:

Hope this helps,
Arnon David.

P.S. will keep my eye out for more info.
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