entering megatrends amibios

how do i enter bios on my pc it's an olivetti envision p75. the bios is megatrends 1994 amibios?
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CoolerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ctrl + Alt + Enter
garrenAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
As a rule, you must press one key during POST (Power On Selft Test), this is, while machine is powered on. DEL key often does that job; maybe F1, or Esc. If you don't have the manual, you must be try manually with several keys.
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Try these key combination during the memory count.

ALT + F1     -     used by some earlier AMI Bioses

If that doesn't work, try booting with the keyboard dis-connected, this may generate an error message with the option to go into the bios setup, of it may tell you the key combination, just carefully plug the keyboard back in an hit the relevant keys.

Another way is to disconnect the data cable from the hard disk (big flat grey cable), this will generally give you an error and present a way to change the cmos settigng. Only do this if you feel confident about it, try all other methods first.

On a related note, here you will find BIOS updates and drivers for the Envision P75, just cut and paste the link.


Right after you turn the computer on, watch the screen for a message like HIT DEL FOR SETUP; this usually comes during the buzzing noise of the RAM memory being initialized. This is the entry to the BIOS setup.

All these answers,  and I have one more :)

A while back we had a old no-name machine in the shop,  and could not get into the BIOS.  Well,  pressing ALT-CTRL-S at anytime during the bootup process allowed us access to the BIOS.

Hope this helps.
Press any keyboard key down, and hold it down.
Then, power-on the computer.
You may get a "keyboard error, press any key to continue" message.
This is "safer" than plugging-in the keyboard
while the computer is powered-on.
on an olivetti, it will probably be F10.. try it :-)
You can try ALT+CTRL+INS
And if doesn't works too then you can try to click your heels trice and turn 360 degrees clockwise :)
jtriftsMI and AutomationCommented:
I once had an American Megatrends - AMIBIOS on an old 386 DX33.  During the Power on Self Test (POST) when you boot, Viking has the right answer.  It is Delete.  (Escape skips the memory check).  In fact, if I recall correctly, it tells you on power up which key to press.

When you boot, try pressing the Pause/Break key - this will allow you to see the 'echo' of what is being run on boot (as long as echo on is in your Autoexec.bat file.  You can toggle Pause/Break and 'Un-pausing' by pressing any other key (e.g. Enter).

Read what is on the screen when you boot and I bet you'll see the instruction of which to press.

If you don't see anything during boot, add a line to the beginning of your autoexec.bat file that simply says

echo on


You may need to hold down more than 1 key on the keyboard... I had a n old 286, and could only enter the bios by holding down as many keys as possible.

Some othe exotic key combinations:


basically any combination you can think of that includes keys like ctrl, del, and function keys (usually only f1, f2 and f10)

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