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Programming concepts websites

Hello Experts:

Could I get a list of programming concepts reference websites.  I know you all have your own favorite list of these sites.  Could you share them with me?

For example, sites that would have a detailed description of how to encode/decode base64 or the pixel order of Adam7 interlacing for PNG.

Thank you in advance!
1 Solution
You can get base64 code from my home page at http://www.kinetica.com/home/yon/4dev/ .

There's a great site with many file formats specs at http://www.wotsit.org/
 - you can try searching for PNG there.
You could also try:

All of these have links to a bizillion other pages.  You could get lost tracking all of the resources on the net....
Hi Clance,

                   You could visit these bunch of sites they are really usefull from learning C++ point of view and programming concepts.

 http://www.vcdj.com   Contains the listing of job banks, demos and lot of usefull    
                                 ifno for developers

              Extensive information on C++ programming language as well as list of C++
              resources on web

         Wonderfull site cotaining tutorials and exercises on c++, ofcourse it is a MIT site.

           This site helps to do courses in c++, VB and Object oriented programming online.
            Distance education site.

            Usefull for beginners of C++ proficient in pascal

          Has an online tutorial and exercises to test your skills
         The originator the c++ languague AT&T site giving a list of all resources of c++ and
          programming language concepts.

Hope these will help you a lot


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