How do I creat background images for my web pages.

I have Paint Brush and Abode Photo delux on the computer?  How do I create a background with these?  What is the difference between a background and a banner?  Thanks
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elfiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No there isn't, unfortunately if you want to create decent graphics you need to spend a little cash. The eval version is good for 30 days, however, and if you download the older version that works for windows 3.x it does not expire, but of course you are morally obligated to register it at some point, i think 30 days.

Optionally you can try a freeware graphics program such as 20/20 which is available at and which I've heard some really good things about, but have not used.

I might add that I very fully answered your question in my previous answer as to how to create a background in your current programs. I've now gone beyond the call on it. Keep the damn points.
A background is an image that works like wallpaper on your web page, all your text and pictures and stuff sit on top of it. For this reason, backgrounds should be fairly simple, otherwise people cant read the page. A banner is an image (usually used for advertising) that is put on the web page and links to another site.

as to how to make backgrounds in your limited graphics programs...

First off, forget about paintbrush, it's trash. Photo Deluxe isn't much better, but basically open up a new file in photo deluxe, and use the tools to get a pattern or design that you like. Then save it as a GIF or a JPG, upload it to your website, and put it on your web page as the background image, using standard HTML tags.

I highly recommend you download a copy of PaintShop Pro from and try that out for creating graphics. You'll find it much more flexible and useable than the stuff you have.
annakellers_pgAuthor Commented: doesn't seem to have a shareware version. There is an eval version.  Is there shareware out there (Something Simple)?

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annakellers_pgAuthor Commented: doesn't seem to have a shareware version. There is an eval version.  Is there shareware out there (Something Simple)?

annakellers_pgAuthor Commented:
You comment 'Keep the damn points' was very rude and will be reported.  
Big deal. Who you gonna call? Rudebusters? I answered your question as stated very clearly and took a good amount of my time to do so, you sat there and rejected it because you don't feel like spending a few bucks to have decent gear, and heaven forbid, actually register an eval software, so then I said the hell with it, answered your SECOND question, which was: Where can I get cheap/free graphics software, and that one I answered just to clue you in. I didn't want your stupid points, check my stats chickie, I've asked exactly ONE question on EE, and that one was a GAME i posed in the English board. Think about it... why is elfi here.. could it be because she enjoys enlightening people, but really gets annoyed when those people act like jerks?

Go on, report me, I'm so scared, I might not get to answer another question! I own an ISP, do you really think I can't get another account or twenty?
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