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problems w/ Acrobat, file sharing with OS 8.5...

I have a G3, 7100, 8600, 9500, and an Windows NT 4 file server networked together (10-Base-T); I switched all Mac drives to HFS+ and installed OS 8.5 on all of them.  Everything works fine, except Acrobat 3.01 won't run at all, and when I connect to another Mac and attempt to copy a file to (or from), the sharing (but not the shared) computer will freeze.  Mouse will still work, but it must be rebooted.  I know that with our printer setup (PSPrinter) we have to take out PrintMonitor because of conflicts, but other than that, ?????  An additional cause for alarm - when a CD is inserted, it more times than not will freeze the system as well.  Any advice?  You guys have really helped me in the past...thanks
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Um...there are quite a few problems in the that paragraph.  I'll try to break up the topics and answer what I can.  Some of the stuff I suggest will be fundamentals of Mac trouble-shooting, but a lot of people forget the basics.  I'm not yet running 8.5 (it's still in transit), but I've tried to keep abreast of relevent issues/bugs.

**Acrobat 3.01 Problem

I'm guessing you mean the distiller, and not the free reader.  I haven't heard of any conflicts with Acrobat and 8.5, so my first inclination would be that it is file coruption.  1st try deleting your prefs.  If no go, delete the actual application and reinstall it.

**Copying/Connectivity Problem

When you say that you "connect to another Mac..." I assume that you're connecting via Appletalk and logging in as the owner--so that you have complete access.  If your using Win NT as an in-between, it's out of my league.  When I've had freezing problems like what you've describe, it has been because of physical problems--either the ethernet cables weren't connected correctly or there was some physical break in the connection.  The system never gave errors; it just froze.  Those type of problems--IMHO--are fairly easily solved (like tracing a electrical short).  You might want to download Macsbug (a low level debugger) from Apple's site and install it on all your Macs.  That way you could drop into it when your system froze and get an idea of what's going on.

**CD Problem

I could make some wild speculations, but I really don't feel I have enough info to go on.  I don't figure you have driver problems, as you just installed 8.5 and because all your Macs are Apple products.

Like I said, this stuff is real basic.  If you thought of all this and find my suggesting it a little humorous, I appologize.  I wasn't able to get a feel for you level of experties.  As a good precaution, make sure your virus protection is up to snuff.

BTW, you might want to download (again, from Apple's site) the new (as of 11/10) G3 CD driver update, too, though that probably has nothing to do with you CD problems.

Good luck.

uptnAuthor Commented:
o.k., I see that I need to be more specific here....

Acrobat - full version 3.0.1, opening Exchange - it quits during the splash screen - when I reinstalled OS8 (and/or OS8.1), it launched fine...i will definitely try the prefs file, tho.

Our macs are connecting via AppleTalk, but we always log in as guest (with full priviledges on).  We just upgraded our network setup to 10-base-T, and since upgrading to OS8.5, we can't get file transfer to be stable.  The NT server is just on the network, we're not going through it, persay.  Before (7.6.1 on all but G3 - OS8), when we would be sharing between computers, the performance would have slowed, but it was pretty stable.  Now, any sort of activity (or nothing at all) will freeze the guest.  MacsBug - good idea.

I downloaded the G3 CD thingy, but it's the 9500 that seems to be the worst case here.

Another possibility - could using PSPrinter AND AbobePS chooser extensions (and the Desktop Print Spooler / control strip setup) with our network of two Xerox DocuColor40's, Xerox Majestic, Canon CLC1000 and Xerox DocuTech be causing problems???

I'm getting the feeling that I need to be asking a Networking question now...?

I appreciate your remarks.

"Apple and Adobe Systems are aware of a potential issue
where Acrobat Exchange 3.01 will not run under Mac OS 8.5. Adobe Systems plans to fix this in the next major release of Adobe
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