D4 crashng constantly during the splash screen

I'm having this irritating problem. At work we use Delphi 3, but my boss
wanted me to check out D4, so he bought a single license for me to try at
home. Unfortunately it always crashes during setup if i choose complete
install. Then i removed the sample files, and i was finally able to install
it. Now the problem is that it crashes during initialisation (splas screen,
no more). Well, i guessed that there might be a problem with the cd, so i
went down to a kid down the street, who usually has a lot of pirated
software. When he is over playing with my boy he's always brawling about how
pirated software is the only thing that never crashes :-) So i lended a copy
of D4, and hoped that it might would work, but no. Now all i have left is
the legal copy, and a once more frosen screen..................

Have you experienced the same?? Have you heard of the problem, is there an

  Yours Sincerely

     Kim Andersen

My system is:
Win 98
98 mb RAM
8.4 gb HDD
P233 MMX
S3 Virge DX 4mb
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dwwangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, S3 GX w/4MB memory always give such crashes to Delphi,Try the two methods:

1. turn the color depth to 24bit or even 32 bit;
2. update to the latest DirectX driver.

Im having the same problem.  Just gave up in frustration and removed the splash screen from my app.  I no thats not a solutions, but I thought it may make you feel a bit better knowing that you are not the only one having these problems.

Good luck resolving the problem!


Just a question out of curiosity more than anything, does this fix the problem when the application is run outside of Delphi?  For example, if the application is installed on a computer which was not capable of running 24 or 32bit colours, and they didnt not have DX installed, what would happen?  Would the error still occur?  

I just checked my machine, and Im running DirectX v6.  My video configuration is 1024x768 in 24bit colour and I too have the Virge DX 4Meg card.  (I get this exact problem as well).

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Hi, only S3 Virge DX 4Meg result such errors, if you have other kind of card/less than 4MB Video memory or even not run Delphi itself, there is no problem.

I 'm not sure why you get such problem, but have you tried to turn to 32bit color?
I have S3 ViRGE, W98 and D3. I know the problem.
I don't know, why this happens, but I know another way how to solve this problem.. :-)
If dwwang's answer is not the right one, I'll try.....
OK, if you don't mean update the driver from the card vendor.
Try this it worked for me.

Right click on your desktop.
Select properties.
Select settings.
Select Advanced.
Select Performance.
Reduce hardware acceleration to first marker.

This solved my problem of D4 hanging on initialisation, and doesn,t seem to have affected anything else in a performance way.
Hope it works.

Hi all, I get a new method to totally sovle the problem with no compromise in any area.

In System.ini file, set in display section:

DeviceBitmap = 0

Unfortunately now I have removed 2MB memory from my card hence have no chance to have a test.

QuaLjynAuthor Commented:
Well, it was correct that the colordepth worked, but only if you use the /NS after the path (means no Splash Screen). Thx anyhow :-)

Thx for the help all of you!!!
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