Dexxa 4800 scanner

I have a Dexxa 4800 scanner.  It plugs into the parallel port of the computer and the printer plugs into the back of the scanner.  This worked fine before, but recently I began having a problem with the printer.  I get an "Out of Paper"  indication, but when I plug the printer directly into the computer, everything is OK.  I think the scanner is causing the error.  How can I get this fixed?
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jrhelgesonConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Those printer pass-throughs are unreliable at best. Your best bet would be to install another parallel port (an add in card is less than $40 - you will need to have an interrupt available). You might also check your bios setup to see if the printer port configuration has changed for some reason. Usually the scanner will want the epp option. Another thing to check would be the cable connections. Sometimes the pass through doesn't work unless the scanner is on.
I concur.Get a second parallel port card.Make sure it supports the type of port your printer (or scanner) requires - EPP probably.(Warning: 'Bi-Directional' is NOT EPP.)
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Another way :
Control Panel
select your printer
Feature (property ?)
Push button spooler...
deactivate bidirectionnal support ( last line...)

mjanes111498Author Commented:
To:  frache

Thanks for the comment,but I can't press the "deactivate bidirectional support" button.  

Hi Mjanes

Did you try to run them seperatly ?
That is or  the scanner or the printer..
Might be that one of em is broke or using the wrong setting or software..
If it turns out to have no failiures whatsoever try getting a switchbox..
They are even cheaper than an extra parralel port card (about 12 dollar) or (25 guilders) (20 deutch mark) (some millions of yen).. whatever
Let me know...


"the completly insane"
Still watching.
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