HTML Designer wanted for game development company

Hello there,

my name is John Christian, and I am in the process of writing a network/internet game I call "Gods". As you all most probably know, to get anything done, you need a team.

I want to start a commercial game development company and I need developers and designers. With this great technology (internet) we can develop games even though we are a million miles away from each other.

I am a C++ analyst programmer, with experience in directx 6.0 sdk. I am looking for direct x programmers, c++ programmers and AI experts, graphic artists, music buffs and a HTML expert to track the development of the game online.

if you want to join this team, and make some money (plus makes some groovy games) then email me at

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artlantisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can help you.
Check out my site.

Exactly what am I supposed to do if I become the team's own HTML guru? Write one of the advanced home pages ever seen and update it every week or two?

01875621Author Commented:
Something like that....except the HTML position has been filled, sorry.
It's ok. I take it you want to delete this one now (link at bottom of page).

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