Diablo? Hellfire?

I own Diablo...
I own Hellfire...

I install Diablo from autorun->autostart...It says can't locate Diablo cd...
I get a cd crack...( took away 500 mb og HD )
I install Hellfire...from cd->autostart...It says can't locate Diablo cd...
I can't find a crack for Hellfire out there yet..

If you think you can solve this problem with me not having to use cd-crack, the 1000 points are yours.
If you can solve this problem in any other way, i'll give 2/3 of the points.

Many tanks
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I need info regarding your hardware and operating system and what the errors are.
Are these Silver cd's or your backup Gold cd's.
Pc hardware:

AMD K6 300 MzH
32 x speed cd-rom
10/100 Mbit network Ne2000

Is silver/gold the cd´type or is it like warezcd´s????

Error:"Can't locate Diablo cd - please insert Diablo cd and press "OK".

lol to above.
Silver is the original and a copy is gold although Traxdata do make writeable silver cd's
Can you play the music tracks on the cd's (if any) from the cd player.

Just a hint.
You may be able to write a path statement to access the cd's.

It can also be done via the registry for a win95 game.

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Have you checked everything at the Following Blizzard site.


To check your CD-ROM and Hard Drives:

Right click on the "My Computer" icon and select "Properties" from the pop-up menu.
Click on the "Performance" tab
You should see a line that reads "Your system is configured for optimal performance."
If you see anything about your hard drive or CD-ROM running in "DOS compatibility mode", you'll want to configure them for Win95 Protected Mode support.
Contact your computer manufacturer for information on setting up Protected Mode support.
(for Microsoft's information on this problem click on the underlined links).
Select the File System button:
Hard Disk Tab:
Set the Read-ahead optimization to: "Full"
Set the Supplemental cache size to: "Large"
Set the Optimize access pattern for: "Quad-speed or higher"
Troubleshooting Tab:
Make sure nothing is checked.
Select the Virtual Memory button and make sure that "Let Windows manage my virtual memory settings" is marked.
Search your hard drive for a file called updat_cd.com. This is an outdated CD-ROM caching program that has been found to cause conflicts with newer CD-ROM programs.
If you have the file on your system, rename it and reboot your computer.
If the above information has not solved the problem please run Msinfo with the Blizzard cd in the cd-rom drive.
Also please run Cdcheck with the Blizzard cd in the cd-rom drive.
These will both create a .txt file. Please attach this .txt file to an e-mail to support@blizzard.com along with a description of the problem
I found this Patch as well, that is supposed to resolve the CD problems on 98 (No mention of 95 problems)


Let me know if this helps,
To Craig

that: scw98fiz.zip was not a diablo fix its a Starcraft win 98 fix.....cant use that

greetings and hope
Sorry, the site that I had visited must have the link mislabled.

Did any of the previous comments help any, or have you tried to running the CDcheck found on the Link from my first comment?

I found this on Battle-Net

It was a message from someone that was getting the same message and a response from a Blizzard MVP

Diablo and win 98 are compatable....

If you get the message that it "Cant find CD"

I quote:

From the desk of the helper

If you have a bad legit CD Blizzard will happily send you a
replacement.  They even put out a program called CD check that will
verify it its bad or not, that program can be downloaded from my site


If your cd fails the check CD program you can contact Blizzard at

1 800 953-SNOW
Staffed Monday through Friday
9am-6pm Pacific Standard Time
------------------------------end helper stuff--------
If you're running Win98 go here and download the Win98 fix patch. Try
that and see if it works. It did for me.
-------------------------------if that does not work you can try---
If you have a legit Diablo/Starcraft cd, some people have found some
success by copying the \system\iosubsys\cd*.vxd. files with the old
drivers from windows 95 (if you dont have them try to get them) they
are in the same direcory and have the same names. you sould also back
up your old windows 98 files by renaming them or copying them to a
new safe folder just in case you have to restore them.  If you do not
have a legal cd then this may not work.  Again I strongly suggest you
rename your old version of cd*.vxd first then copy the win95 version
into the folder.  One reason to rename is that DVD will no longer
work on windows 98 if you use the windows 95 vxd files.

They are in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS folder.

Sometimes hellfire REQUIRE to be Installed in the Sierra dir and not into \games\ etc..

Edited text of question
Adjusted points to 1000
Thanks cmcgee...

That scw98fix.zip you mentioned WAS a program called "Starcraft Windows 98 fix" but I installed it (What the heck, I already have Starcraft so... ) and BOOM!!! Hellfire worked...Diablo worked...I removed the diablo.mpq ( 500 mb ) and BOOM!! it still worked....I owe you one man!!

Make an answer and I'll give you THE 1000 POINTS...

Thanks again!
I found this Patch as well, that is supposed to resolve the CD problems on 98 (No mention of 95 problems)


Let me know if this helps,

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cmcgee I tested out the patch on my win95b to help clear up space
did not help me maybe moex will have better luck :~)
must have missed that! awsome job cmcgee you past me on the top 15 board :~)

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