Mouse partially inactive sometimes

My mouse is sometimes inactive. It is not broken, and there are no driver conflicts. In safe mode, it works flawlessly. But in normal mode under Win 95, the computer stops responding to clicks. The cursor moves fine, message labels pop up fine, I have cleared all the drivers, re installed drivers, and no error messages appear. If I click about a dozen times, sometimes it seems to spring to life. I have tried this with about 4 mice. All the same. The mice work on other systems. This problem began after the system crashed during an Intellimouse installation. Since then, no removal or reinstallations have corrected this. All settings in control panel are fine. It's just that  the computer only responds to mouse clicks occasionally. Any ideas?
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VNSGNE0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did You have some antivirus program installed in Your system?
If You have Guard... try to deinstall it for a time...


Try replacing the mouse.  Those switches break, get crud on the contacts, and get intermittent.  THe cords also get yanked a lot, which causes intermittent problems in the wire.  Mice are cheap!
Did you remove Intellipoint software in Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs?
Is it a serial or PS/2 mouse?
Try this:
Check Device Manager in safe mode for multiple instances of installed mice or COM ports.
If duplicates are found, remove all and reboot.
Windows should detect & install them correctly on next startup.
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Tim HolmanCommented:
  Try reducing sensitivity of the mouse - could be a buffer overflow...
  Otherwise, start here :

You may have already tried this, but remove the mouse from the mouse/system/control panel and reboot.  Let Windows detect the mouse.. if need be from add new hardware, let Windows detect new hardware
Your COM-port is probably broken, try to put your mouse on the other one or get your computer checked at your local store, they should be able to see if I'm right.
bobsville, we need some response from you.
Check Autoexec.bat and Config.sys for any calls for mouse drivers,delete them.
bobsvilleAuthor Commented:
Sorry, but none of those are the solutions. It is not a broken com port, or mouse or driver conflict, at least as far as I can see. I have uninstalled the mouse drivers, and Windows finds the mouse thru plug and play. But the exact same results. Please do not suggest broke mice or ports. THey are tested and check fine. This occurred during  a crashed install of a mouse driver. But eliminating the drivers and havng windows use a default one did not help. There is something conflicting with the mousedown commands in Win95.
Did you try my suggestion in safe mode?
Many times, there are device listings shown in safe mode only.
Often, they won't show up when viewing device manager while running Windows normaly.
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