Error Creating Cursor Handle

When I use stored procedure "sp_addlogin" by using Delphi Query Component, I got error message like "Error creating cursor Handle".
I don't what is wrong..
I just loginned as sa who contorl all database in SQL SERVER. After that I just send query string "sp_addlogin a,a,'Disaster' " to SQL SERVER.
then I got a error message.
Something strange is when I tried this sql string at ISQL_W it worked.
Do I have to do something thati don't know..?
I am beginner of SQL Server..
Please Help me...
It's in a huryy.
Have a good day...
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aliciaamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You must have "set double quotes off" and SQL does not understand double quotes.
SQL Server version 6.5 does not always flag stored procedure parameters enclosed in double quotation marks if the SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON option has been issued.

SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF right before the stored procedure
do not use single quotes for the password.
Your program will send as a variable what is inside the double quotes, don't need to use single quotes with SQL. It already knows is a string
folktaleAuthor Commented:
Thank for your help...
AND I have found fault to write question.
I didn't use double quotes in query string, that is I used just sp_addlogin a,a,'Disaster'.
In above text, I used double quotes just to express string.
So please help me more...!
don't use the single quote for the password SQL server knows is a string on this particular stored procedure.
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